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Thread: Elisa Lam (21) was found dead in a hotel water tank after being missing for 19 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by blighted star View Post
    The link I posted earlier, from the author's blog (where Poppy got the pix from) has had some new information added to the coments section 18hrs ago. Someone has posted a screenshot of a chinese language fb page & a post made on 18 Feb at 17:14:58 that says

    "Elisa Lam is in hotel water tank, seems nolife,hurry up ( to find her ).

    I copied the post exactly as it appears. To see it follow the original link to the author's page, scroll right to the bottom for the comments, then click the fb link the poster has added. Can anyone post a screenshot? My tablet just won't let me do some things.

    Sorry for being a complete wanker & replying to my own post but I can't get my edit function to work from mobile.

    I just did a little date checking thinking I could discount that weird post as having any factual basis, but of course it wasn't going to be that easy.

    I checked over 10 different sources, most are vague & just say "this week" or "last month" etc. IF (huge HUGE IF) the time/date stamp on that post is accurate though, then that creepy little comment above becomes disturbingly significant

    - because according to the only news reports I can find that offer specific dates, maintenance did not open the tank until..1 DAY LATER ON 19TH FEB
    Realistically, some 14yr old schoolboy is probably just getting kicks messing with date stamps & watching everyone flipout when they find the "mysterious clue". But if there is even a teensy chance it's authentic, & that post really appeared the day before they checked the tanks re low water pressure, then this case just got weirder.

    (& it was so terribly lacking in weirdness already, sorry Olivia) Olivia> < Me

    ETA & of course now that I've already gone & quoted myself, I CAN get back into desktop long enough to edit. Grrr. Stoopid tablet (insert Mutley speak)
    Last edited by blighted star; 05-14-2013 at 12:26 AM. Reason: completely screwed the dates up - how VERY unlike me..

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