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Thread: Per Request: Video of secret Mormon ceremony inside temple

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    Quote Originally Posted by White trash bitchy blonde View Post
    I just bumped this because I think Ron was asking about it in another thread. It's so interesting to read some of the responses, my own included.

    I realized when I was reading the banter back and forth between Ron and I about God's existence, that I never really answered him because I didn't know how to answer. I still don't. Like, why do babies die? Or my favorite Ron question was when he asked if the starving kids in Africa had God's address? (I did LOL at that, but I don't have the answer).

    I think the real definition of faith was never defined properly, like my faith and someone else's faith, how does it work?

    Some people would read this and say 'well, because pancakes'.

    I love this discussion tho, I hope it comes back alive.

    We have a newer Mormon building here now and i's a super nice one and it's this huge elaborate building that gets used maybe twice a year when the stake president decides to talk to their millions of members. The whole hige screen comes down and a shit ton of mormons all huddled together with their book of mormons and listening to what the prophet has to say.

    I need to get some pics of this building, it really does stick out.
    I think that's their General Conference right?

    I used to read some Mormon mommy blogs and they make a whole weekend out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chopstix View Post
    I think that's their General Conference right?

    I used to read some Mormon mommy blogs and they make a whole weekend out of it.
    Yeah, it probably is called the general conference. It's a super duper big deal in mormon world. I think different mormon churches would host the satellite broadcast but then when a stake center was put here, thats where the big conferences were held.

    Oh and someone had asked earlier in the thread about suicide and i had posted info but i didnt know until recently that most mormons dont believe in anything but a coffin burial. Cremation is supposedly out of the question which is odd to me because my mom was mormon and she wanted cremation. Maybe she didnt know that, im not sure.

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