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Thread: Hope Sapp - missing since 14 August 2012

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    Hope Sapp - missing since 14 August 2012

    Hope Elizabeth Barnhill Sapp (26) was last seen in Muskegon,
    Michigan on 8/14/2012 at 3:15pm. She was traveling via Greyhound bus
    lines from Muskegon to Panama City, Florida, with transfers in Grand
    Rapids, Michigan, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Indianapolis, Indiana, Atlanta, Georgia, and Tallahassee, Florida.

    During the last four months Hope has routinely checked in with her
    mother and was to check in along the bus route. Hope's mother last spoke
    to her at 8pm on 8/14/2012 as she was coming into Grand Rapids on the
    Greyhound bus.

    According to Hope's mother, Panama City Police
    Department confirmed she did not validate at the Greyhound station in
    Panama City so it is clear she did not get off the bus at Panama City.

    Hope's cell phone was found somewhere in the Ohio area, however new
    evidence shows it was pinging along the Indiana-Ohio border.

    Hope is mentally unstable after suffering a psychotic episode otherwise
    known as a mental breakdown. She is not a danger to others but is known
    to make poor choices and is a danger to herself.

    Hope spent
    the last year wandering from state to state and shelter living the life
    of a transient but remembers very little. It is estimated she's lost 90%
    of her memory regarding that year.

    Hope's mother Sherry
    Holmes-Darby wrote, "When I awoke this morning I didn't think my heart
    could ache any more than it already does. I was wrong. I have three
    beautiful grandchildren, who could be facing a very grim reality, and a
    very caring and loving son-in-law who may be forced to deliver it. They
    have already been without their mother for a little over a year, because
    of a severe mental break, a year that she barely remembers. Please help
    us find Hope."

    Hope is 5? 8? tall and around 180 pounds with blue eyes and dishwater blonde hair.

    She has pierced ears but may not be wearing jewelry.
    Hope has no known source of income.

    If you have information to locate Hope please call the Muskegon Police
    Department at 231-724-6750. If you are calling on the weekend or after
    hours, please call 231-724-6351. Hope's case number 12-14889.

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    From a missing persons FB page -

    LOCATED SAFE according to her mother Sherry Holmes-Darby who sent me the following message: "Prayers answered! Hope has been found safe. I can not express the appreciation I feel or the heartfelt joy for the help you have given us with the tips and encouragement, prayers, and love you all have shown. America does still stand united, and we do still care about each other. God Bless each and every one of you. Thank you so much from her brothers and their family, and from us!"

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