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Thread: Brittany Wood (19) - missing since 30 May 2012

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    HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT. I just read this whole thread. This Family?! Brittany was so beautiful. I have a hard time thinking about the torture she's had to endure knowing that just about her ENTIRE family were a bunch of kid touching freaks. I'm so glad that the little girl went to her Father and is FAR away from this Family. I had to question WHO the Father was at first though. Thankfully it wasn't a Family member. I hope since she was so little that she'll grow up healthy and happy. I do wish that they find Brittany some day so that she can get a proper burial. You couldn't write this story in Hollywood. I'm surprised this is the first I've heard of this story.

    Just crazy.
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    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    I know, right? What the fuck, puke? Willing to take in Boston, an Irish dude and like, 17 dogs but not Ron? poor Ron.

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    Wendy Holland facing four new sex abuse charges
    By Hal Scheurich Published: September 22, 2014, 12:26 pm Updated: September 22, 2014, 6:36 pm

    BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) -Wendy Wood Holland, aunt to missing single mother, Brittney Wood was back in a Baldwin County courtroom Monday. This time she was arraigned on four new sex abuse charges against a minor. Holland and nearly a dozen other relatives of Brittney Wood are suspects in a child sex ring in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

    Holland has spent the better part of the last two years behind bars. She faces multiple sex abuse charges in both Mobile and Baldwin counties, all against minors. Even as her trial date nears, she found herself in court again facing additional charges in Baldwin County. The new charges stem from the ongoing investigation into all of Brittney Wood’s relatives who are charged with sex crimes against minors.

    “Any time we have an investigation that is this voluminous, you have different information that comes in bits and pieces and this was just another piece off the puzzle,” said Baldwin County Assistant DA, Theresa Heinz.

    Holland’s part in that puzzle began with the disappearance of 19 year old Brittney Wood in May of 2012. Her husband, Donald Holland, Sr. was found dead with what authorities say was a self-inflicted gunshot…the gun belonging to Wood. Wood hasn’t been seen since and most fear she is dead. As the investigation into her disappearance began authorities say they uncovered a twisted trail of sex, incest and betrayal within the family across both counties. These new charges are just the latest to come to the surface.

    “Once we got the information, we acted quickly on it and presented it to a Grand Jury,” said Heinz.

    Holland faces one count of second degree rape, two counts of second degree sodomy and one count of second degree sex abuse. Prosecutors say the new charges are unrelated to existing ones and involve a different victim…a male who was under the age of 16 at the time. As trial dates for many of the suspects approach, the investigation into Wood’s disappearance and her family’s alleged sex crimes against children continue.

    “We’re not going to stop until every person is charged and brought before the court to answer for their charges. Any new information that comes, we’re going to act on it just as thouroughly and as quickly as we have with all the other information,” Heinz explained.

    The District Attorney’s Office anticipates Holland going to trial sometime in December, but whether she goes to trial under these new charges or the ones she already faced is yet to be determined.

    Before Holland goes to trial, the DA’s Office says another person in the child sex ring case will go to trial in October. William Brownlee rejected a plea deal in August and will be tried on charges of sodomy second and sex abuse second. Brownlee also faces charges in Mobile County.

    Holland is the aunt to missing person Brittney Wood. Wood went missing in May 2012. She was last seen with her uncle, Donald Holland, Sr. Holland killed himself shortly after with Brittney’s gun. After his suicide, nearly a dozen relatives and family friends were arrested and charged with various sex crimes against children in what some law enforcement officials have called the worst child sex ring in the state of Alabama.

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    How did family of 'pedophiles' operate unnoticed for years? Social services under fire for not seeing 'ring of abuse' from eight members of the same Alabama family going back six years
    • Authorities describe it as a dark, twisted tale of perversion in the family
    • Brittney Wood, went missing in May 2012 and is presumed dead
    • She first accused Ronald Robertson of rape in 2003 when she was 11
    • The investigation mushroomed after she disappeared
    • Was with her uncle Donnie Holland, a suspect, the night she vanished
    • Eight of Woods' adult relatives and three family friends have been charged with dozens of felonies as alleged members of an incestuous ring
    • They include her mother, two uncles, two aunts and his older brother
    • Questions persist as to why child welfare services didn't respond to multiple complaints of sexual assault in the family going back six years

    By most accounts, 19-year-old Brittney Wood was with uncle Donnie Holland the night of May 30, 2012, the last time anyone saw her.
    Holland - who was under investigation for horrific sex crimes at the time - died from a bullet within days in what was ruled a suicide.
    The investigation that followed has publicly unraveled what authorities describe as a dark, twisted tale of perversion in the working-class neighborhoods and piney backwoods of coastal Alabama.

    (It's a very long article at the link. There are tons of pictures)

    Chessie Wood, Brittney's mother: Two counts of sodomy and sex abuse of a child less than 12.
    Derek Wood, Brittney's brother: Second degree rape and second degree sodomy.
    Nelton ?Butch? Morgan: Rape and sex abuse of a child under 12.
    Dustin Kent: Two counts of rape, sex abuse, sodomy and production of obscene material of a person under 17. He allegedly raped a 13-year-old while her father looked on
    William 'Billy' Brownlee: Two counts of rape, sodomy and sex abuse.
    Mendy Kent: Sodomy and sex abuse.
    Wendy Holland: Sodomy, sex abuse and child torture.
    James Cumbaa: Rape, sodomy, and sex abuse.
    Randall Scott Wood: Second degree sodomy, enticing a child to enter and second degree rape.
    Jennifer Moore: Production of pornography involving minors and second-degree child abuse.
    Donald Holland Jr: Incest and second degree rape

    Read more:
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    EXCLUSIVE: The incestuous pedophile clan that advertised their child abuse 'parties' on CraigsList and brainwashed their own three-year-old into believing it was normal.

    To his friends and neighbors Donnie Holland was a member of the hard-working middle class who loved spending time with his large extended family.
    The Holland house - a typical single-story home in a well-tended plot of land just outside Mobile, Alabama - was a happy place, with regular barbecues and children swimming, tubing and even jet-skiing in the nearby Fish River.
    But behind it was an horrific 'perfect storm' of child abuse in which Holland, parts of his extended family and his wife and some of her relatives were involved in 'parties' in which children as young as nine were abused.
    One prosecutor involved in the case told MailOnline that the pedophile ring was the product of generations of incestuous relations - and that abusers had gone on to become perpetrators in a cycle only finally interrupted by authorities.

    Read more:

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    WTH!? Does the Daily Mail post a new article a day? Each one lacks new information.

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    Brittney Wood's aunt, Wendy Holland, challenges child witness in sex ring case

    (Nov. 16, 2014) BAY MINETTE, Ala. (AP) -- An Alabama woman accused of being part of an alleged family sex ring on the Gulf Coast is challenging the testimony of a key witness in her upcoming trial on child molestation charges.

    An attorney for Wendy Wood Holland has filed court documents arguing that an unidentified child witness against the woman has made numerous false statements to authorities and has a predisposition for giving false testimony.

    The defense also contends prosecutors delayed about 1 1/2 years in turning over evidence that raises questions about the child's truthfulness.

    Baldwin County Circuit Judge Jody W. Bishop has scheduled a hearing for Monday in Bay Minette on the claims.

    The defense also is asking the judge to move the trial because of extensive publicity about the case and requesting that prosecutors be barred from presenting testimony showing Holland had sexual relationships with other consenting adults.

    Prosecutors are expected to oppose all the motions during the hearing but didn't file immediate responses in court.

    Holland, 35, is set for trial Dec. 8 on charges of sodomy, child sexual abuse, sexual torture and endangering child welfare as part of what authorities say was a group of relatives and friends who shared children for sex.


    Wendy Holland will be second person to go on trial barring a delay, and prosecutors believe her case could be important since her husband was suspected of being the leader of the alleged ring.

    But defense lawyer Mitzi G. Johnson-Theodoro argued in court documents that questioning techniques by child welfare workers, counselors, relatives and friends have "undermined the reliability of the child's knowledge of events and subsequent statements to make the witness incompetent to testify" under court rules.

    Wendy Holland Readies for Trial on Child Sex Charges

    (Nov. 17, 2014) Wendy Holland said nothing as she was lead back to the Baldwin County Jail in shackles.

    She is the second of almost a dozen family members charged in a family child sex ring where prosecutors say children were bred to be abused. All brought to light by the disappearance of Holland's niece, Brittney Wood.

    In court Holland challenged the credibility of the star witness for the prosecution.

    "They are trying to say our victim is incompetent to testify. That she may have been coerced into giving a statement or encouraged in some way, shape or form," says assistant district attorney Teresa Heinz.

    "We are asking the judge to listen to the testimony of the accuser to determine the truthfulness," says defense counsel Mitzi Johnson-Theodoro.

    The judge has taken the motion under advisement as well as a motion prohibiting testimony about Holland's past sexual encounters with other consenting adults. The defense says it's prejudicial. The state says not only was it what their victim grew up with but why, as a child, she considered having sex with family members normal.

    Also expected to play a role in the upcoming trial, plea agreements with other defendants like Derek Wood, Brittney's brother. He was granted youthful offender status on similar charges last July. He could testify against his aunt. "We're not quite sure but there is a possibility," says Heinz.

    It's a possibility defense counsel would like to know more about. "We don't know what the testimony is and we question how that testimony was derived," says Johnson-Theodoro.

    The trial starts in three weeks.

    The judge also denied a change of venue motion. The jury pool for this trial will be larger than usual. The trial is expected to last about a week.

    Key figure in incestuous child-sex ring and aunt to missing Brittany Wood seeks judge's review on matters before Dec. 8 trial

    (Nov. 18, 2014) BAY MINETTE, Alabama - A Baldwin County judge wants to take time before deciding whether to grant a hearing into the suitability of a witness in a case against one of the key figures accused of being involved in a string of sex-related crimes against children.

    Judge Jody Bishop will also consider whether one of the co-defendants in the case was "coerced" to testify against Wendy Wood Holland during her trial, scheduled to begin Dec. 8. Also, Bishop said he will consider whether Holland's sexual history with consenting adults should be mentioned during the trial.

    Bishop's requests to take the issues up for consideration came after a hearing on Monday on five separate court motions by defense attorney Mitzi Johnson-Theodoro, who claims that Holland, 35, is ready for her trial to begin.

    Bishop ruled against two of those motions: The case will not be relocated to another county because of pre-trial publicity, and the Mobile County's Department of Human Resources office does not have to hand over camera footage and other documents to the defense.

    Holland is accused of sodomy, child sexual abuse, sexual torture and endangering child welfare as part of an alleged circle of family members and friends who shared children for sex.

    Holland is the maternal aunt of missing mother Brittney Wood, who hasn't been seen since 2012, and who authorities presume is dead. Wood was last seen with Holland's late husband, Donnie Holland, who died from a gunshot suicide a few days after she disappeared.

    Authorities suspect Donnie Holland was the alleged ringleader.

    Holland, who was dressed in a red inmate jumpsuit, did not comment during the court hearing or to the local media afterward. Heavily shackled, she was escorted to the Baldwin County Jail following her court appearance.

    Should trial be moved?

    Johnson-Theodoro requested to have the jury trial elsewhere due to pre-trial publicity, but Bishop felt a move was unnecessary.

    Bishop cited a lack of problems in seating an untainted jury during last month's trial involving family friend William Brownlee, who was convicted last month of sodomy and sexual abuse. His trial was the first involving anyone accused in the 2012 matter.

    Since 2012, 11 people have been arrested in connection with what Alabama officials are calling one of the largest criminal sex rings in state history.

    Bishop said the local media attention did not create any undue problems during that trial.

    "We did not have an issue in seating a jury (in Brownlee)," Bishop said.

    Johnson-Theodoro said that she felt the pre-trial news coverage could taint a jury pool, that some of the media reporting was sensational and that social media could also pose a problem.

    Prosecutors have requested a larger jury pool.

    "There is a lot of publicity that has been associated with this case," Johnson-Theodoro said. "Since Brownlee, it's increased substantially. We are concerned with how it will affect Ms. Holland to have a fair and impartial jury."

    Teresa Heinz, an assistant district attorney, disagreed.

    "A change of venue is a huge burden on the state," Heinz said.

    She said jurors will be properly screened before trial begins.

    "The question ultimately is can you set aside what you've seen in the media?" Heinz added. "We didn't have any issues seating a jury (in Brownlee)."

    Sex with adults

    Johnson-Theodoro said that Holland's sexual history pertaining to her encounters with adults should not be part of testimony before a jury. It's one of the three motions that Bishop is mulling over.

    "It could be very prejudicial," she said. "There is no relevance to those relationships that she had with her husband and adult-related persons that should be allowed in this trial. It is irrelevant to this case to the four counts she has alleged to have committed."

    Heinz disagreed, and said the sexual history will describe a "set of circumstance" and the "lifestyle" that one of the victims claimed she grew up in.

    "I don't know any other way for my victim to describe what she saw on a daily basis than what she saw on a daily basis," Heinz said.

    A "tainted" victim?

    Johnson-Theodoro said there are "some documents" that have since been issued by the state questioning the "veracity and truthfulness" of a witness in the case. As such, she is requesting Bishop to consider a hearing on the reliability of the witness.

    Heinz said the victim hasn't been coerced to give any statements.

    "I think our victim is more than competent to testify in the case," she said.
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    BAY MINETTE, Ala. (AP) — The conviction Wednesday of an Alabama woman accused of being part of an incestuous sex ring provided graphic evidence about horrendous child molestation, but it didn't answer a baffling question: What happened to a young victim who is missing and presumed dead?

    Jurors took two hours to convict Wendy Wood Holland, 35, of sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual torture and child endangerment. She showed no emotion when the verdict was read. Prosecutors say Holland faces at least 20 years in prison and could get a life sentence.

    Witnesses heard two days of testimony in her trial that didn't give any clues about the whereabouts of her 19-year-old niece Brittney Wood.

    Wood was last seen with Holland's husband, Donnie, in 2012, and 11 people have since been arrested on sex-related charges. That includes Wendy Holland, on trial on charges of sexually abusing another underage relative.

    Authorities said Wood could provide important evidence about sexual crimes by her adult relatives if only they could find her alive. But searches and two years of investigation have failed to turn up any sign of her. Police believe Wood is dead, possibly killed in the days before the case went public.

    Following the disappearance, Holland was charged with sexual abuse, sodomy, sexual torture and child endangerment.

    Donnie Holland was under investigation as the leader of the alleged sex ring at the time of Wood's disappearance, and he died days later of what authorities ruled was a self-inflicted gunshot.

    Prosecutors told jurors during closing arguments that Wendy Holland, her late husband and others were monsters who subjected their own children and others to perversions that were almost too depraved to understand, with parents and in-laws using their own young relatives for sex.

    Holland used sex toys and other forms of stimulation to groom the alleged victim for sex with adults at an age children typically are watching "Sesame Street" and learning to color, prosecution witnesses told the jury.

    "You have heard testimony over the last two days that no one wants to believe," prosecutor Nicki Patterson said in closing arguments. "We want to give family the benefit of the doubt."

    But defense attorney Mitzi Johnson-Theodoro argued that the alleged victim, two other relatives who pleaded guilty to sex charges and a jailhouse friend of Holland were lying when they portrayed her as a serial child abuser.

    Neighbors didn't see pornography or sex toys in Holland's home, and prosecutors have no physical evidence, Johnson-Theodoro told jurors. Holland is a loving person who took her own kids trick-or-treating and worked as a certified nursing assistant at a state nursing home for veterans, she said.

    "They want you to believe that a woman who cared for the elderly abused children?" Johnson-Theodor said in closing arguments.

    The trial, though, was all about Brittney Wood for Christin Huffman, a friend of the missing teen.

    Testimony showed Wood was part of at least one family sexual encounter involving Holland, three other adults and two children, but the fact that no one has seen the teen since before the case broke in 2012 wasn't mentioned to jurors.

    Seated in the court and wearing a T-shirt decorated with Wood's photo, Huffman dabbed at her eyes as attorneys laid out details of generations of incest allegations involving her friend's family.

    "To me the whole thing is about her," Huffman, 21, said outside court. "There's no way anyone could look at it and say it's not."

    Wood's older brother and an uncle have pleaded guilty and testified against Holland, and her mother faces sex charges.

    Holland was the second person to stand trial in the case. Family friend Billy Brownlee was convicted in October.

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    Wendy Holland was just sentanced to 219 years for running an incest sex ring.

    I'm so glad they didn't just give her 20!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreyH View Post
    Wendy Holland was just sentanced to 219 years for running an incest sex ring.

    I'm so glad they didn't just give her 20!
    Thank god!

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    just a couple updates on this horrible family:

    Brittany Wood's uncle gets 17 years for sodomy, incest

    Dustin Kent, uncle of Brittany Wood, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in a Baldwin County courtroom on Thursday.

    Kent pled guilty to the sex abuse and sodomy charges against him.

    He's also awaiting a November sentencing in Mobile County for sex-abuse charges.

    According to Mobile County jail records, Kent has been charged with rape eight times, sodomy five times in addition to producing porn with juveniles.

    Brittany Wood, then 19, was last seen in 2012 and was molested by several family members.

    The case has gained national attention for the sordid details of the incest ring in the family. Click here for the family tree of charges.
    Aunt of Brittney Wood Found Guilty of Sodomy, Sex Abuse

    The aunt of missing teen Brittany Wood who was allegedly involved in a family sex ring in Mobile has been found guilty by a Mobile Circuit Court jury.

    Mendy Kent, the aunt of Brittany Wood, was found guilty of second-degree sodomy and sex abuse. The jury heard from five witnesses on Tuesday morning, including one of the victims.. After the guilty verdict prosecutor Nikki Patterson spoke about the courage of the victims in this case to come forward. ?For these children and not just the child in this particular case, there are a number of children involved here, they grew up, these were their families. This is what they knew.?

    Kent?s husband Dustin, who has already pleaded guilty to child sex charges in Baldwin County, testified against his wife.

    Closing arguments were heard just before lunchtime. It took jurors just over an hour to return with guilty verdicts on both charges.

    You might remember Brittney Wood vanished in May of 2012. Some have speculated she was going to reveal the sex abuse in the family to police when she disappeared.

    Eleven people have been charged in the case so far.

    Sentencing is scheduled for November 5. Kent faces ten to forty years behind bars.

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    Mendy Wood Kent, wife of Dustin Kent, was sentenced to the maximum amount possible for her crimes on Thursday, according to the Mobile County DA's office.

    She received 20 years in prison for sodomy and 20 years for sexual abuse of a child to run consecutively.
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