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Thread: Ashley Teahon - missing since 21 September 2011

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    Ashley Teahon - missing since 21 September 2011

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    Why do you say that Olivia?? I can't see much of her fb on my phone..

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    From what I can actually see she seems to have added many friends and there are things like:

    Ashley Teahon answered a question.
    Wednesday, March 14 at 2:52pm
    Have You Turned Your Air Conditioning On Yet?

    I would bet anything she knows she is missing, I bet she just tried to drop everything and start over somewhere new.

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    It appears that she has several family members on her friends list so it doesnt seem like she cut ties with her family to where they would consider her missing.
    She is, however, also still listed as missing on the Nebraska State Patrol site:

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