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Thread: Loida Wideman - missing since 13 May 2012

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    Loida Wideman - missing since 13 May 2012

    The ex-husband of a Waipahu woman missing for nearly a week has been arrested for violating his parole.

    Lonnell Wideman was taken into custody at his Makakilo home at approximately 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Since his ex-wife Loida Wideman disappeared on her way to work May 12, Wideman had been helping to take care of their three children, ages five, eight and eleven.

    The arrest comes days after he was questioned and released by detectives, and police have not named Wideman as a suspect in his ex-wife's disappearance. Authorities took custody of the Wideman's children and planned to deliver them to Loida Wideman's uncle.

    At this point it is unclear what he was on parole for, but Wideman's criminal record includes an attempted murder conviction in 1988.

    Loida Wideman's brother said Friday that police intended to return to Pearl City on Saturday to search another area near the spot where her car was found on Thursday.

    We will have more on this developing story as it becomes available.

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    This doesn't sound like it's going to turn out well. Has a prior for attempted murder and is on mysterious parole? I am thinking if she was trying to get away from an abusive husband she wouldn't have left the children behind.

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    I fear the worst too:

    Family members and community volunteers continue to search for a missing mother of three who was last seen on Mothers Day.

    About a hundred volunteers walked along the Pearl Harbor Bike Path for about three hours this morning from Pearl City all the way to Waipahu looking for clues.

    Volunteers were climbing through brush, looking high and low for any signs of the missing mother.

    "We came by a t shirt with some blood stains and also a jacket," said Vai Su, a Waipahu Neighborhood Board Member who helped organize the search effort.

    And Tina Quizon came across some skeletal remains while walking the pearl harbor bike path

    "It was like a vertebrae and a pelvis and a leg bone. I'm not an expert and it could just be an animal, but with everything going on, I didn't want to ignore it."

    HPD came to check out the remains and will be doing further testing.

    "They basically said they were'nt sure what kind of bones, so they needed to call forensics or someone to identify," said Quizon.

    All of these items were found within about a mile-radius from where police found Loida Wideman's car last week.

    That was the last real lead- since she went missing on Mothers Day night, leaving her Waipahu home to go to work in kapolei.

    Homicide detectives and HPD's canine unit have also led their own extensive searches..

    But her disappearance remains a mystery.

    "Regardless of what happened...we're not going to give up hope and we are just hoping for the best to find her and bring her back," says Su.

    Volunteers are planning to resume their search and recruit more people to help in the coming days.

    If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 955-8300

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