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Thread: Cat Tattooed By Russian Pet Owner Timur Rimut Sparking Outrage

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    Cat Tattooed By Russian Pet Owner Timur Rimut Sparking Outrage

    The video of Timur Rimut tattooing his sphynx cat, I must Warn you this might be a shocking footage.

    Meet Timur Rimut, he is a tattoo artist and he proud owner of a sphynx cat aka hairless cat who recently got a matching tattoo by the hand of its owner, animal cruelty? I think so!

    24 year-old Timur Rimut from Tatarstan, Russia works as tattooist, he has a tattoo of his sphynx cat on his arm and a necklace design with the words Carpe Diem (seize the day), this exact tattoo is the one he did on hiss cat, to do so he use anesthesia and inked his feline. He then posed with the cat showing off their matching tattoos.
    As far as I known sphynx cats comes from Canada, but there is also another breed of sphinx cats from Russia known as Peterbald, I dunno if Mr. Rimut’s cat is a Peterbald or a Canadian sphynx, these rare cats are quite expensive, energetic, curious and quite affectionate, but they do require care, bath once a week, they can get skin burn if they are exposed too long to the sun.
    Tattooing cats is not the first cruel thing on animals, a woman Oksana Popova did it to her sphynx cat and check here, tattooed pigs.

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    Whoa, ugly cat.

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    At least it wasn't a tramp stamp.

    Crazy russians.
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