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Thread: Josh Rubin (30) was shot and his body set on fire

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    Josh Rubin (30) was shot and his body set on fire

    The Ditmas Park caf? owner who disappeared two weeks ago may actually have been planning his own escape.
    Josh Rubin, the owner of Whisk who vanished without a trace on Oct. 31, had negotiated with a neighbor to sublet his room in a Lawrence Street apartment.

    ?I talked to him about it two weeks before the end of the October,? said Boyce. ?Just before the end of the month, I went to see the room. He told me that he was getting a house with some better friends of his.?The neighbor, Zach Boyce, told The Brooklyn Paper that he discussed taking over Rubin?s room starting on Nov. 8 ? and had looked at the place the day before Rubin disappeared.

    Rubin?s roommates said that they knew nothing of Rubin?s plans to move out.
    It remains unclear exactly why Rubin would consider giving up his room, but experts said that it could be a good sign.
    Detectives continue to search for the 30-year-old ? and a police source said that cops remain concerned about Rubin?s mental state because he suffers from bipolar disorder. Rubin is also a diabetic and did not have his medication when he left his apartment on Oct. 31.?It shows planning,? said Monica Caison, the founder of the CUE Center for Missing Persons. ?It shows that [the missing person] was working on trying to solve some of his issues. People who are suicidal don?t plan.?
    Rubin was under considerable financial pressure in the days before he disappeared. Indeed, he went missing on the same day that his first rent payment was due.
    Rubin?s landlord had given him a couple of months of free rent to get his business off the ground, but it is unclear if it ever did. The cafe was well-loved, but it also appeared to be struggling, according to regulars.
    ?It never quite had the crowds I expected it do,? said a neighbor resident. ?I just didn?t get the impression that they totally had their act together.?
    Meanwhile, a family-and-friend?led search for Rubin continues, though there is some evidence that the effort is slowing. The ?Find Josh Rubin? Facebook page hasn?t been regularly updated ? despite the nearly daily updates before that. The last update was Monday night, when the webmaster complained that some ?Missing? posters had been torn down.
    Still, locals remain concerned about the well-liked cafe owner?s whereabouts and continue to hope for the best.
    ?I hope that he just split [town]. It may be horrible and humiliating ? but it?s still fixable,? said the coop tenant.

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    Josh Rubin's Body Was Still Smoldering When It Was Found

    More details are emerging this morning about Josh Rubin, the missing Brooklyn cafe owner whose shot and badly burned body was identified last night, though investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened between the night of October 31, when Rubin went missing, and the morning of November 1, when his body was found.

    Rubin's death has been ruled a homicide, and the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the body, according to a release from the South Whitehall, PA District Attorney. His body is believed to have then ben set on fire, and was found, "still smoldering," at about 8:30 a.m. in a remote area of Applewood Drive in South Whitehall Township. His body was so badly charred that "even fingerprints weren’t a viable source of identification," so it took investigators six weeks of DNA testing and searching through dental records to match the remains.

    "In law enforcement, we talk about the golden 48 hours following the commission of a crime being committed as very significant and important and the fact that he was burned beyond recognition certainly hindered that 48 hours," said Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin . Martin also said that Rubin had no known connection to the area where his body was found, adding "we believe in our working theory that he was dumped here."

    Martin said investigators have begun questioning Rubin's family, but they're still looking for help. "Now we can attempt to reconstruct Mr. Rubin's movements of the days preceding his death and hopefully at some point solve his homicide," he said. The Post reports that "a day or two" after his body was found, Rubin's credit card was used at the Woodbury Commons outlets in Orange County, New York.

    Some reports claimed that Rubin, who was diabetic and may have suffered from bipolar disorder, owed over $10,000 in arrears for Whisk, his recently opened Ditmas Park coffee shop. However, the president of the co-op building Whisk is housed in said he did not believe Rubin was overdue with his rent when he went missing. We've called the co-op and will update with more information when possible.

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    Suspect in cold-case murder of Brooklyn cafe owner to remain jailed pending trial

    The alleged Brooklyn pot dealer accused of conspiring with two other suspects to kill a cafe owner during a 2011 drug deal will remain behind bars pending trial, a judge ordered Wednesday — as prosecutors revealed he could’ve saved the victim’s life after he was shot.

    The suspect, 26-year-old Michael Mazur, had requested he be given bail while he and his alleged cohorts, Kevin Taylor and Gary Robles, await trial for allegedly killing Joshua Rubin and setting his body on fire in a remote area of Pennsylvania.

    At a Manhattan federal court hearing Wednesday, Assistant US Attorney Dominic Gentile said Mazur acted as a lookout while Robles and Taylor shot and killed Rubin — but added Mazur could’ve saved his life if he hadn’t tried to cover up the caper.

    “The travesty here, Judge, is that if the defendant — or any one of his co-defendants — sought aid for the victim, instead of executing a cover-up, there’s a chance the victim would have survived,” Gentile said.

    “Mr. Rubin was alive when Mr. Mazur entered the apartment where the shooting took place,” he added.

    Instead of helping the fatally wounded cafe owner — who had agreed to meet the trio of pot pushers for a one-pound marijuana deal — Mazur, Taylor and Robles rolled up his body in plastic, put it in the trunk of a car, then set it on fire in a wooded area of Pennsylvania, Gentile said.

    In his request for bail, Mazur agreed to put up his childhood home in the Kensington section of Brooklyn, which is worth several million dollars.

    Gentile said a bail package secured by the house “doesn’t make any sense” — because agents who arrested Mazur found more than 230 pounds of pot and more than $200,000 in cash in the basement of the house.

    Mazur’s defense attorney, Matthew Kluger, said the pot and cash recovered from the home was in the basement, in a separate apartment unit from the one where Mazur and his mother lived on the first floor.

    He added that his client suffers from mental disabilities and was an “impressionable” 18-year-old when the killing of Rubin took place.

    Judge Laura Swain said she agreed with prosecutors that Mazur is a significant flight risk and ordered him detained pending trial.

    Prosecutors previously alleged Robles shot Rubin once in the chest during the Halloween pot deal-turned-robbery in an apartment in Kensington. The trio then allegedly bought supplies from a local Home Depot, drove his body to outside Allentown, Pa., and set it alight.

    Rubin owned Whisk Bakery Cafe in Ditmas Park at the time of his murder.

    Mazur faces life in prison if he’s convicted for his role in the slaying.

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