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Thread: When to post?

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    When to post?

    Been a spectator at Mydeathspace for many years. There have been a few deaths recently of people on the out skirts of my life. I knew them and my heart has broke for them. I, however, was not a close friend or family. I have gone back and forth a hundred times... to post or not post.

    One is an old friend. Him and a few other friends from that group have property at Lake Monroe. Heading from one camp site to another one night, the golf cart rolled and he was severly injured. His injury took his life a week later. The friend who was driving the golf cart has been charged with DUI and fleeing the scene. She only went half a mile down the road to wait for 911. Her charges have been upgraded since he died. He had 4 children, the youngest only 3 months old.

    The second is a girl I went to school with. Barely knew her. She has fought cancer on and off for 10 years now. She hasn't passed yet, but has 1-3 months. The cancer is everywhere now, blood, brain, spine. She lives in NY now with only her 19 yr old daughter. My high school alumni has rallied around her. A group of girls is leaving in the a.m. to go see her. They are trying to get her home and raise money for her burial costs.

    When would you post? Do you? It's so much easier when it is someone you don't know.
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    Don't forget to submit these people to the site if they have any social networking pages before you post about them! And if you don't want to start a thread about them yourself, you can always PM me or another mod and we can do it for you.

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    I know a few people that have been submitted to the site personally. I havent commented. Just dont feel good about it especially when there are negative remarks.

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