I just saw this on TV again tonight. I think it deserves to be here among the other most horrific crimes. What a horrible way to die. They were such good people.


Tom and Jackie Hawks huddled on a bed in the cabin of their yacht, miles off the coast of California, handcuffed, muzzled and blindfolded.

"I don't want to die," Jackie pleaded, her words muffled by duct tape. "I have a new grandchild in Arizona. I want to see him."

Her husband leaned back, reaching for her hand, trying to calm her.

Three armed assailants loomed over the Prescott couple, ordering them to sign title documents for the boat, demanding all their bank account information. Jackie wept, trembling. Tom remained stoic.

They were bound to each other, marched onto the deck at night, tied to an anchor. It was thrown overboard, yanking the Hawkses along. Jackie's head bounced off the deck before she and Tom splashed into the ocean and sank 3,600 feet.

Their bodies have never been found.

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