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Thread: Horrors of Humanity:

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    Horrors of Humanity:

    Anyway, a few years ago I stumbled upon a very interesting, and to me very entertaining, website dealing with real world death...The website I am speaking of is What is that you ask? Allow them to tell you. is an archival site, containing news articles, online obituaries, and other publicly available information.” As the site continues, it says “We have given you the opportunity to pay your respects and tributes to the recently deceased members via our comment system. Please be respectful.”
    Mydeathspace is a strange and wonderful place because it humanizes the dead, if…you feel the need to do such a thing of course. The website not only gives all of the fun and informative details on their passing such as they ate a shotgun barrel for brunch or hung themselves with their mothers cut panties, it allows you to play in the grave of their MySpace page like you were Burke and Hare with high speed shovels! Yes, the MySpace pages of these recently deceased members are still active and in many cases you can leave, or read, the posthumous comments by other “friends” saying their goodbyes, I love you, and I miss you, and an occasional “there goes my twenty bucks fucker!”
    When you travel onto the pages of these dead MySpace dwellers one becomes acquainted with their hopes and dreams, their likes and dislikes, and see the various smiling pouty pimply images they have taken with their cell phone cameras in mirrors. As you observe all of these things your own awareness becomes enlightened to the fact that whatever facts they have on their page, or however hot or cold they were is meaningless now because they are dead. No, they will not finish college. No, they will not leave you a “happy hump day” comment next week. And no, they will not get to play Mob Wars with you tomorrow morning. They are DEAD! It is a sobering reminder of your own mortality because sooner or later your own profile will probably end up on the site after you bite the big one! Remember that when you upload those images from your forthcoming Christmas work party where you got drunk with that dude who pretended to be interested in your conversation to get into your pants.
    For me, Mydeathspace is a wonderful place to spend time once you have exhausted your extra seed on that Internet porn and Googling of “dead chicks” after morning coffee.

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    Interesting. So this person obviously became a member.

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