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There isn't a Publix near me at all. I wish there was!
The sauce at my local Target wasn't on sale for $1, but I went ahead and used the coupon for 2 sauces and the other coupon, save $1 on 3 boxes of pasta.

I did get a good deal on Milkbone Trail Mix Dog Treats. Target coupon for $1 off and a manuf. coupon for $1 off, so paid .89 for the bag.

I also bought a couple of toys. Used the Target coupon for $5 off and a manuf. for $5 off the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy, $15.19. Then saved $6 on the Fisher-Price Giggle Gang Toys, $12.99, so almost half off of that one. (My grandson loves that thing!) Going to give him the puppy for Easter.

I spent $31 and saved $35.

I've noticed that prices on items at my local Target and Walmart stores are always more than the prices I see when I go to coupon sites.
Not sure why, since I live in West Virginia! You'd think the prices would be lower since we are such a poor state. lol

I lost all my CVS ECB's and Rite Aid Up Rewards. I have to start over this week. I haven't even had a chance to browse through the ads yet to see what deals are available.

Edit: Here's a link to the Target toy deals. I also saw that coupons.com had more toy coupons recently added. http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/new-t...vings-on-toys/
Do they double coupons in your neck of the woods? They did when I lived in VA, but I didn't coupon then and was devastated to find that out later.

I know what you mean about the prices. Iheartpublix will post an ad and then when I look at it our prices here in Fl are at least 25% higher. On the bright side the stores in my area will take Winn Dixie and Target coupons to stack as competitor coupons.