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Thread: Alivia Kail - missing since 5 March 2011

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    Alivia Kail - missing since 5 March 2011

    Another pre-crash one!/p...083848&sk=wall

    Allegheny County police said on Tuesday that they're investigating the disappearance of a 19-year-old woman who hasn't been seen since March 5.

    Alivia Christine Kail was reported missing by her brother, Ryan, who told police that she was last seen at his West Mifflin home with her boyfriend.

    Kail's brother said she told him that she was going to Florida with her boyfriend, but police said the young woman's cellphone is shut off and there is no proof that she ever made the trip.

    Channel 4 Action News' Marcie Cipriani reported that police said the woman's boyfriend -- who is not being identified publicly -- has been uncooperative with their investigation.

    "Our concern is that, based upon the conflicting statements made to others -- other than us, because he won't speak to us -- that we're concerned for her welfare," Lt. Jeff Korczyk said.

    Kail's mother, Christine Didiano, told Cipriani that she or another family member usually talks to Kail each day, so she's worried because there has been no contact but she's staying positive and hoping that her daughter will be found.

    "I'd like to just hear her voice, let me know that she's OK," Didiano said. "She's my youngest. You know, she's my everything."

    Didiano described Kail as a happy teenager who spent a lot of time with her at her clothing store in Brookline. The last thing the family knew, Kail was about to leave for Florida with her boyfriend.

    "The concern now is that the gentleman is back here in the Pittsburgh area, and my daughter still is not found and still not heard from," Didiano said.

    The last time Kail posted a Facebook message was March 1, when she wrote that she loved the beach. Police and family members said she returned from that Florida trip, but disappeared four days later after claiming she and her boyfriend were headed back there.

    "Something's not right," Didiano said.

    Kail is described as white, 5 feet 1 inch tall, 110 pounds, with green eyes, a pierced lip and nose, and sandy-color hair that she often changes.

    Anyone who has seen Kail or may know her whereabouts is asked to call police at 412-473-1251. Callers may remain anonymous.

    Read more:

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    Zach ZillesAlivia Christine Kail

    March 30 at 10:36pm · Like ·
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      • Kim Graves are you the b/f she was with when she went missing?March 31 at 7:00am · Like
      • Zach Zilles no hes not her fuckin boyfriend the news reporters are idiots his names alexMarch 31 at 7:09am · Like
      • Zach Zilles me and liv been together for the past 3 years and a month before she went missing we broke up and she went with this kid alex lorenzi...hes the oneMarch 31 at 7:10am · Like
      • Kim Graves thanks .. that's really sad and i feel so bad for you i hope she's found safe and soundMarch 31 at 7:10am · Like · 1 person
      • Marla Bennick Was that Alex running drugs from Florida? It sure looks like he was.March 31 at 12:52pm · Like · 1 person
      • Krystal Cicchitto I c nowMarch 31 at 1:25pm · Like
      • Krystal Sasser ‎@ Zach i think alot of ppl think that u were the bf. that she was with b.c. of ur posts. so its good that u cleared that up with ur comment above. I Pray that everything is ok and she comes home safe...March 31 at 1:39pm · Like
      • Kady Rae Molinaro just saw on news zach is now being questioned for her disappearance. Channel eleven. I hope they find herMarch 31 at 2:57pm · Like
      • Damian McKay Yo u know u aint get along wit me and rome but were prayin for her man we hope to god u get ur baby bakMarch 31 at 3:08pm · Like · 6 people
      • Jen Val omgMarch 31 at 3:10pm · Like
      • Bill Hartman Just from watching the news now zach was arrested on un related charges, but is also being questioned, I wonder why ?March 31 at 5:19pm · Like
      • Kacie Manning i cant believe they arrested him!?! thats crazyMarch 31 at 6:00pm · Like
      • Bobbie Jo Bowers I thot they just questioned him.. didnt no they arrested him.March 31 at 6:07pm · Like
      • Kacie Manning yea he had a bench warrent it said..March 31 at 6:08pm · Like
      • Cris Greenwald god bless her and i hope she is found..i dont know any of you but i study up on all the missing persons and crime and feel for the families, my heart goes out to all of you and prayers are being sent from unseen friends..god bless you all in this timeMarch 31 at 7:26pm · Like
      • Christen Connor Zach did nothing wrong! He loves that girl more than life itself. Zach did everything he could to stop her from going to Florida with that faggot. Zach has been doing everything he can to help with this investigation. Who do you think put up missing flyer ads everywhere. Stay strong Zach. Liv is here in spirit she will protect you.March 31 at 7:44pm · Like · 1 person
      • Damian McKay I thought dey arrested dat alex guy not zachMarch 31 at 8:18pm · Like
      • Corianne Verghies They arrested them both March 31 at 9:55pm · Like
      • Damian McKay wow its clear who the main suspect is.... its bad enough he gotta go threw all dis stress now they arrest him...wtfMarch 31 at 10:40pm · Like
      • Christen Connor Who knows maybe z will c Alex in there and get what he needs to say outApril 1 at 9:26am · Like
      • Deb Strang OMG you guys. I dont know any of these people, but from the outside looking in, it seems that the new BF is the one they need to question. Seems like he should be the prime suspect. Zach seems to have known her for a long time, and her family. I hope this all turns out to be a bad ream for her family, but at this point in time, who knows. My prayers are with the family.April 1 at 6:51pm · Like · 2 people
      • Deb Strang Sorry bad dream.......April 1 at 6:51pm · Like
      • Jeff Walker I can only imagine what all of you must be going thorugh... Is there anything set up where others may help?

    "Satisfaction of ones curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life" Linus Pauling

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    Police Find Several Items of Interest during Alivia Kail Searches

    Shell casings and a white sheet with a possible bloodstain are among the discoveries police made in a pickup parked inside the garage of the boyfriend of missing teenager Alivia Kail, according to court documents.

    Kail, 19, of Mount Washington, Penn., has been missing for more than a month, and her boyfriend, Alexander Lorenzi, 22, has been uncooperative with investigators, police said.

    The teenager was reported missing by her family on March 19 when she did not return calls to her cellphone and it was shut off for nonpayment. Kail was supposed to be vacationing in Florida with Lorenzi, but he returned to the Pittsburgh area without her, police said.

    Kail had returned from one vacation to Florida with Lorenzi early last month. Then, on March 4, she told her brother she was going back to Florida with Lorenzi. Police say that is the last time anyone saw Kali. Whether or not she went to Florida a second time remains unclear.

    "The boyfriend was approached by the family members and friends about the whereabouts of Alivia, and he gave some conflicting stories as to where she was located," Allegheny County Police Lt. Jeff Korczyk said during a recent news conference.

    According to Korczyk, Lorenzi allegedly told one person that Kali was still in Florida and another that he had dropped her off in town.

    Police have since executed at least three search warrants related to Kail's disappearance. During the execution of one of those warrants, investigators allegedly found cocaine, marijuana, and a stolen handgun. As a result, Lorenzi was taken into custody on drug and stolen-property charges.

    Download one of the Search Warrant

    During a subsequent search of Lorenzi's house and garage, where police located a pickup that reportedly belongs to his father's excavating company, police cataloged several other items, including a .22-caliber shell casing they allegedly found near the vehicle and two 9 mm casings inside a Shop-Vac.

    The search also allegedly turned up a jewelry box containing earrings, a Feb. 27 plane ticket to Fort Myers, Fla., clothing and a tote bag belonging to Kail, as well as fishnet stockings and a white sheet with a possible bloodstain.

    Lorenzi has not been named a suspect or person of interest in Kail's disappearance, and investigators have yet to comment on whether any of the items seized are relevant to the case.

    During a Tuesday court hearing, prosecutors attempted to have Lorenzi's bond raised, saying they were afraid he might flee. During the hearing, Lorenzi's prior criminal history was brought into question.

    According to court documents, Lorenzi was arrested for simple assault and harassment in 2008 when his then-girlfriend told police he got violent during an argument and banged her head into the dashboard of a car multiple times. Prosecutors later withdrew the charges.

    Download Lorenzi Court Documents 1
    In 2009, Lorenzi was charged with terroristic threats, harassment, false imprisonment and other crimes after a man told police Lorenzi had used a vehicle to trap him inside a car wash. The man also told police Lorenzi had previously threatened to break both of his legs. Charges stemming from the alleged incident were later withdrawn.

    Lorenzi's record also includes a multitude of other charges, including more than 36 traffic cases.

    Download Lorenzi Court Documents 2

    A bail agency official testified Tuesday that while Lorenzi has been arrested multiple times and has, in the past, failed to appear for court proceedings.

    Lorenzi's attorney, Douglas Sughrue argued that his client's bond should be lowered and denied allegations that Lorenzi is uncooperative.

    In the end, neither the bail agent's testimony nor the urging of Assistant District Attorney R. Bruce Linsenmayer swayed Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Manning, who ordered that Lorenzi's bail remain at $100,000.

    None of the parties involved in the case, including Kail's mother, Christine Didiano, responded to a request for comment from Investigation Discovery.

    Kail is described as a white female, 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighing 110 pounds. She has sandy colored hair, green eyes and a blue flower tattooed on her hip. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Allegheny County Police at 412-473-1251

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    Boyfriend Of Missing Mt. Washington Teen Released From Jail
    Alivia Kail Hasn't Been Seen Since March

    PITTSBURGH -- The boyfriend of a missing Mount Washington woman is now a free man after being held for several weeks at the Allegheny County Jail.

    A spokesman for the District Attorney's Office said Alex Lorenzi was released Wednesday after posting $100,000 bond. He was being held on drug charges, unrelated to the disappearance of Alivia Kail.

    Lorenzi will be required to wear a monitoring device.

    Kail, 19, was last seen March 5 and was reported missing by her brother. She is described as white, 5'1" tall, 110 pounds, with green eyes, a pierced lip and nose, and sandy-color hair that she often changes. Anyone who sees her or knows her whereabouts is asked to call police at 412-473-1251. Callers may remain anonymous.

    Channel 4 Action News reported that police said they found bags of suspected marijuana and cocaine, as well as packaging for distribution of drugs and records of drug sales, when they searched Lorenzi's apartment in Esplen after Kail was reported missing.

    This wasn't Lorenzi's first run-in with police. In 2008, police said he was charged with criminal trespass, aggravated assault, burglary, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment. Charges were later dropped.

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    I've read a lot about this (read all the posts before the site crashed) and it's pretty obvious, in my opinion, that this poor girl isn't alive...I hope they find her soon. Of course, I would hope they'd find her alive, but I really doubt sad

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    Evidence In Officer's Prostitution Ring Case Offers Link To Missing Woman

    Police Investigating Michael Johns Find Item Belonging To Missing Mt. Washington Woman

    PITTSBURGH -- Police say evidence in the case against a Pittsburgh officer facing charges that he helped run a call-girl service may provide a clue to the disappearance of a Mount Washington woman.Officer Michael Johns is accused of giving drugs to prostitutes and providing vehicles to help conduct a prostitution ring. He is also accused of helping to operate an Internet site promoting the women's services.

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    Accused cop speaks briefly

    When asked if he had anything to say about the charges Monday night, the 16-year police veteran told Channel 4 Action News reporter Ari Hait, "I have no comment, other than my attorney is Lee Rothman. You can contact him for a statement."When Channel 4 Action News reporter Shannon Perrine tried to reach Rothman for a comment, she learned that Johns is now being represented by Jim Ecker and Phil DiLucente, both of whom told her that Johns is innocent and that it will be explained when he has a preliminary hearing on Sept. 9.The Pittsburgh Police Bureau said Johns faces charges of promoting prostitution, drug possession with intent to deliver, criminal conspiracy, insurance fraud and false reports. Chief Nate Harper has no comment during the ongoing investigation, which will be handled by Allegheny County Police.Police said Johns was assigned to the warrant office after he became known as a person of interest in the investigation, and he's now off work with pay while his criminal charges are pending.

    Alivia Kail

    Channel 4 Action News' Janelle Hall reported that police reports say they found a possible clue in the case of a missing woman while they were investigating Johns' case.Alivia Kail, 20, was last seen March 5 and was reported missing by her brother."Right now, to me, it's a break to have her name out there," said Kail's mother, Christine Didiano. "Something that's so little right now could be so big."Investigators say they found a key chain with Kail's name on it inside one of the vehicles that Johns allegedly rented out."I have nothing to do with a key chain, know nothing about a key chain and we see know nothing and nobody knows anything about a key chain," Ecker said.

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    Mom Speaks About Missing Daughter

    "Our client has never met, spoken with, would even know what she would look like, and we have spoken to him, so clearly he has nothing to do with this woman," DiLucente said.Johns has not been charged in connection with Kail's disappearance. Police have not said that he is a suspect in her case.Kail's mother and others have long looked at the woman's then-boyfriend, Alex Lorenzi, as having something to do with her disappearance, but Lorenzi's lawyer, Doug Sughrue, said the man should not be connected to it."It's nice to know the police officers are continuing their investigation on the disappearance of Alivia Kail, and hopefully it'll lead them away from my client and onto any real leads," Sughrue said.Didiano said she just hopes that the new evidence may bring her daughter home."Just bring her back. Just give her back to us," Didiano said."That's all I want."Kail is described as white, 5 feet 1 inch tall, 110 pounds, with green eyes, a pierced lip and nose, and sandy-colored hair that she often changes. Anyone who sees her or knows her whereabouts is asked to call police at 412-473-1251. Callers may remain anonymous.

    Read more:

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    Following a police investigation a large-scale search for missing teen Alivia Kail was conducted around the West Mifflin airport 30 May 2013

    Alivia's case was profiled by the Charley Project in April 2013 -

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    FBI: Alivia Kail may have been abducted into sex slavery

    According to the FBI, the case of a missing Brookline girl has taken a major twist.

    Channel 11’s Alan Jennings confirmed Tuesday that the FBI believes Alivia Kail is still alive, and she may be a victim of sex trafficking in Florida.

    Kail, who disappeared in 2011 when she left for Florida with her boyfriend, could be enslaved by human traffickers, her mother said Tuesday.

    Kail’s mother, who originally reported her missing, told Jennings Tuesday that she now has new hope that her daughter may be alive.

    “It’s been long, almost two years, but I’m just so hopeful that we could get Alivia back. It doesn’t matter how, I just want her to come back,” Kail’s mother, Christine Kail, said. “I will never give up. So many people who love her just want her back.

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