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Thread: Shelby Armstrong (16) death by "Dusting"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    So I googled my name as a joke with some friends the other night and one of the top things was about a girl i dated in high school that killed herself after we had been broken up for over a year. It brought me to this site.... Can we please remove my name from this site? The woman that was running her mouth about me didn't like me because her boy friend at the time was my room mate for a while and i told him that she was nuts and they broke up.... High school and college was fun right?

    Seriously, this forum is a witch hunt....

    This is the forum post I'm talking about:
    That Zac guy? Purveyor of bad poetry?!

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    *nods* yes, Pamelaisplastic talk about Zach Picarello (Zackary Picareilo?)
    Pamela Neale-Loyd
    obviously hated Shelby, so I would take her version of the story (that Shelby dusted to come down of a coke high) with a grain of salt. I think she was jealous of Shelby because she was prettier, thinner more model material than her, from what I understood Pamela won a pageant and was doing modelling too, when I googled her name I found a cached picture that a myspace friend of hers shared and you can read her old blog where she says she loves pageant. So it makes sense that she would be so rude and say that Shelby wasn't a real model, she probably felt threatened by Shelby who had more potential to have a modelling career.

    I wonder where she is now after all these years, she sounded like a jealous mean girl who just wanted to taint Shelby's memory, only someone with major issues would go on a MDS page of someone she hated and didn't get along just to talk shit about a dead person who can't defend herself.

    Pam journal

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