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Thread: Paige Johnson 17 missing since Sept. 23,2010

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    not really much of an update, but...
    Missing Ky. girl's mom cried when Markham was found
    Apr. 11, 2013 |
    Written by
    Terry DeMio

    The mother of missing teen Paige Johnson covered her eyes and sobbed when she learned that remains of Katelyn Markham were found.

    ?I cried my eyes out,? Donna Johnson of Walton said Thursday. ?I was sad. It?s sad ? but finally, some closure for them. I know how that is, just waiting and waiting and waiting.?

    Paige was 17 and the mother of a 2-year-old when she was reported missing in Covington on Sept. 23, 2010.

    An acquaintance of hers, Jacob T. Bumpass, told police he dropped off the teen at about 1 a.m. at 15th Street and Scott Boulevard, but phone records place him near Paige's Florence home at that time.

    Her sister, who lived in Covington, later reported Paige missing.

    Like with Markham, news of Paige?s disappearance attracted media coverage nationwide.

    Covington Police and Kenton County Commonwealth?s Attorney Rob Sanders have vowed to never stop looking for her.

    Detectives still receive information about Paige?s disappearance, Police Chief Spike Jones said Thursday, adding, ?We are still looking into it.?

    Donna Johnson has been active in supporting other parents with missing children, mainly by posting information on Facebook.

    But when she heard about Markham?s disappearance almost a year after Paige vanished, Johnson was moved to do more.

    She and a friend went to Ohio to volunteer when a national search group from Texas led teams looking for Markham.

    Johnson said she felt a kinship to the 21-year-old Fairfield woman?s family though they?d never met, and she wanted to try to find her.

    ?I just knew how they were feeling,? Johnson said, ?and the desperation they were going through.?

    Johnson no longer believes that her daughter is alive. She said detectives have assured her they are not giving up on finding Paige and bringing her home.

    These days, Johnson finds joy in caring for her other children and grandchildren and visiting with Paige?s daughter, Makenzie, who lives with her dad and paternal grandparents.

    Makenzie will turn 5 in June.

    ?She?s looking more and more like her mother every day,? Johnson said. ?I am so lucky to have her. To hold her.

    ?It?s a part of Paige that I can touch.?

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    FLORENCE, Ky. - Hope was momentarily renewed in the search for information regarding the disappearance of Paige Johnson Saturday when a tip led police to an old cistern in Latonia, Ky.

    However, police called off their search around 4:30 p.m. after finding little more than a collection of animal bones, pieces of broken pottery and disappointment during their day-long search.

    Johnson has been missing since Sept. 23, 2010. She was 17 years old at the time of her disappearance.

    Police were acting on a tip that Johnson's body might have been dumped in an old cistern located at the former site of a pottery store called Paint Yourself Silly. The owner, Lisa Little, held a vigil for Paige Johnson not long after she went missing in October 2010. The store closed not long after the vigil was held.

    Paige Johnson's cousin, Alisa Johnson, stopped by along with other relatives to check out the Decoursey Avenue scene.

    "We are never giving up," Alisha Johnson said.

    While the family and friends of Paige Johnson held out hope that the mystery surrounding her disappearance would finally be solved, Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders wasn't quite so optimistic.

    "This is a tip out of left field compared to all the information Covington police have gathered so far so I don't hold out a lot of hope," Sanders said during the early portion of the search.

    Sanders said the officers did find bones during they investigation but they didn't appear to be human remains.

    "It's confirmed to be some sort of animal bone, don't know what kind of animal," Sanders said during the search. "In an abundance of caution, they are going to keep digging and sift through all of it to make sure there's no human remains mixed in with these animal remains that have already been found."

    Even though Saturday's effort was called off, the search for Paige Johnson hasn't been. Sanders said his office will get back to looking for leads in the case.

    "We will leave no stone unturned…We will move on to the next step of the investigation which is looking for more leads."

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    Are there any updates to this case?

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    It’s the 9 year anniversary of her going missing. I don’t see any new info being released.

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