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Thread: Alexandria Lowitzer (16) missing since 26 April 2010

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    Alexandria Lowitzer (16) missing since 26 April 2010

    Info from

    Spring, Texas
    REWARD - **
    Missing Since: April 26, 2010 at 15:00
    Age: 16
    Missing From: Low Ridge Road
    Sex: female
    Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Eye Color: hazel
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Race: Caucasian
    Complexion: fair
    Birth Date: February 3, 1994
    Braces on Upper Teeth
    Braces on Lower Teeth

    Distinguishing Marks: Faint scar from chicken pox between her eyes
    Clothing Description: Was wearing white t-shirt, dark hoodie, black and white checkered skinny jeans, and black tennis shoes. She had a blue slide cell phone and checkered multicolored backpack.

    Facebook Group to help find Ali earch

    News article from the Woodlands (TX) Villager:

    SPRING — Alexandria Lowitzer seems to have vanished without a trace. No phone calls, no text messages, no goodbye letter to indicate she was upset and wanted to get away. No obvious reason for her to be upset.

    The last time anyone saw the 16-year-old teen from Spring, she was getting off the school bus April 26, only a few feet from her home on Low Ridge Road.

    Since May 1, the Laura Recovery Center for Missing Children, a nonprofit organization based in Friendswood, has organized a massive onsite search effort that has so far drawn approximately 200 volunteers to comb the extensive wooded area behind the Lowitzer residence.

    “We had a horse team out in the woods through the Greater Houston Search Dog Team, and they also brought a dog to do some tracking and trailing,” said Bob Walcutt, executive director of the Laura Recovery Center, which was contacted by Lowitzer’s family. “So far, we have nothing to hang our hat on. We had some tips, different leads, but nothing concrete.”

    The Houston Police Mounted Patrol covered a large portion of the wooded expanse, assisting Precinct 4 Constable’s deputies and Harris County Sheriff’s officials in the recovery effort, Walcutt said, and two men volunteered to search the area on ATVs.

    “We’re literally covering areas where someone could take a person, commit a crime and (leave) them — large, wooded areas, ponds, creeks,” he said. “Around here, there are a lot of places like that, and so far we have found nothing. We’re still no further along than we were on the first day.”


    Walcutt said his organization generally doesn’t get involved in runaway cases, which is still the current status assigned to Lowitzer’s disappearance by law enforcement.

    “If we knew for sure this was a runaway, we would not be physically here right now,” he said. “But Alexandria apparently lives on her phone, uses her text messaging all the time. When she left, everything stopped once she got off that bus — everything. There has been no activity on that phone since then, which leads to the possibility that something may have happened to her at that point.”

    Officials believe Lowitzer was on her way to pick up her paycheck from work, only half a mile from her home, after she got off the school bus.

    Walcutt said law enforcement continues to conduct its investigation, and at this time there is no hard evidence that foul play is involved. At the same time, he said, the complete lack of activity on Ali’s cell phone was enough to convince the Laura Recovery Center to get involved.

    “My best hope is that she is a runaway,” he said. “In that case, she can come home and be safe and well. If she’s not a runaway, then all bets are off. In 99 out of 100 cases, everything turns out fine, but it’s that 1 percent that’s worrisome. Bad things do happen.”

    Ali Lowitzer is Caucasian, 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 145 pounds, has hazel eyes, auburn hair, braces on her upper and lower teeth and a faint scar from chicken pox between her eyes.

    For more information, visit or
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    Sept 2013
    SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- It's been more than three years since Ali Lowitzer went missing, but her mother is not giving up hope of finding her. The teen's mom is using social media to continue to search for her daughter.

    MORE: Help find Alexandria Lowitzer STORY: Search continues for missing Spring teen STORY: Missing teen's family organizing new search STORY: Group to search again for missing teen STORY: Laura Recovery Center joins in search for missing teen STORY: Search to begin for teen missing since last week

    Three years later, Harris County sheriff investigators have officially taken on her disappearance as a cold case, and Ali's mother, Jo Ann Lowitzer, keeps pushing to find her using social media.

    "We're able to reach thousands of people not only through Facebook but on Twitter," she said.

    On a Facebook page called "Hope for Ali" and through her Twitter account, she writes to Ali and to those who're helping in the continued search. Years of looking for her daughter have not turned up any solid leads.

    "This is the part that gets hard, because it's not good what you think. When your child is missing, and you think that somebody took them, the thoughts that go through your head are not good," Jo Ann said.

    But she pushes those thoughts aside and gains strength from the renewed effort to find Ali.

    "People don't just disappear off the face of the earth," John said. "That's our daughter, and she belongs here. We have the right to know where she's at what's happened to her. We just ask for that one person to step up and do the right thing."

    The Lowitzers are planning a benefit to raise money so they and Texas Equusearch can continue to search.

    Please call the police or the Laura Recovery Center at 281-482-5723 if you have any information.

    More recent

    As the Shunick, and Pate cases, get underway in Lafayette, Agencies in Texas and Louisiana are looking into the possibility Lavergne's arrest could lead to answers in other cases. The private investigator in the case of missing Texas teen, believes just that. Alexxandria "Ali" Lowitzer was last seen April 26, 2010, at the time she was 16. Her mother, Jo Ann, spoke to Ali right before she got on the school bus. She told her mother after she got off, she was just going to pick up a paycheck from work, before walking home. Surveillance video shows her getting off the bus about 2:45 that afternoon. But what happened after that remains a mystery. Ali has been missing for nearly two years, and although there is no concrete evidence linking Brandon Scott Lavergne to her daughter's disappearance, Jo Ann Lowitzer remains hopeful. "I'm just doing what I hope every parent out there would do for their own child. Never giving up hope for them returning home one day," said Lowitzer. Since Lavergne's arrest., she has been contacted by law enforcement, requesting she not do any more interviews because of new developments in her daughter's case. We also spoke to the Lowitzer family's private investigator, who believes there are striking similarities between the Mickey Shunick case, and Ali's. Specficially, two tips involving a white truck the day Ali went missing "He pulled up behind her as she walked on the side of the road, pulled up close, talking to her, trying to coax her into the truck," said PI Mac Sanford. Sanford says one of the callers thought the incident was so strange, they turned around. But by time they arrived, there was no sign of her, or the truck. He says the other caller remembered a partial plate, one that started with an "x" and several zero's. "I got a list of every vehicle that he owned. And it turned out that at the time of Alis disappearance, he owned a white, 2005 GMC, extended cab truck, with Louisiana plates that had an "X" and several 0's in it," said Sanford. "So at that point, I thought good Lord this is just too coincidental." Now, he's looking into whether Lavergne was in the area at the time. You'll recall Lavergne's sister lives 18 miles away in Conroe, TX. "All the timelines seem to fit, you know, it's widely known that Lavergne spent plenty of time in Texas, going back and forth, and now we're trying to determine the link," said Sanford. The Harris County Sheriff's Department says they are continuing to pursue all leads in Ali's case. The detective directly working on the case was unavailable for comment

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    The story of mystery and misery has followed one family for the past 10 years, but they remain hopeful their missing loved one will soon return.

    Alexandria Lowitzer went missing after getting off a school bus in Spring near Low Ridge Road on April 26, 2010.

    Alexandria, also known as Ali, called her mother to say she was headed to pick up a paycheck from what was her place of work after school, but she never made it. Nor did she ever return home.

    Her mother Joann said after a decade of searching, newly assigned investigators have hope the now 26-year-old is out there somewhere.

    Two years ago, the state set aside the anniversary of Ali's disappearance as its date to remember her. The national observance is on her birthday of Feb. 3.

    Ali's mother has fought hard for her daughter's case. She once hired a private investigator and once believed Ali was kidnapped -- a victim of sex trafficking.

    She heard of other cases where victims return home, and remains hopeful

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