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Thread: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

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    Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010


    LAST SEEN 3/26/2010

    Julie Ann Gonzalez

    AGE:          21
    HEIGHT:      5 ft.
    WEIGHT:    140 lbs.
    HAIR:        Brown/Black

    Julie has a piercing on above her right side of her lip.

    Julie was last seen in  Austin, TX  (south side)

    Her car was discovered at the Walgreens parking lot located at
    Stassney / S.1st area
    I saw this family's story on JVM tonight. 

    Her mother & aunt believe that she has met with foul play, as they feel she is a responsible young woman who would not intentionally leave her 2-year old daughter.

    Julie Ann is separated from her husband.  According to him, she went to his house to pick up their daughter, seemed to be in a strange mood, and then asked him to keep the daughter for the weekend.  He was the last person to see her, and has been cooperating with police.

    Julie Ann's family believes that the Austin PD is not thoroughly investigating this disappearance.  The Austin PD is claiming that there is no evidence of foul play, so they are treating it as though she is gone willfully. 

    As soon as I saw the story it reminded me of another missing young woman from the Austin area, Kellie "Wednesday" Hall whose has been missing a year & whose close friends think she may have met with foul play.. but the police are also not thoroughly investigating (or not talking) in that case as well.

    Here is Julie Ann's myspace:

    Husband George de la Cruz's myspace:

    Latest news story about the case:

    The search is still on for a missing woman.  On March 26, Julie Ann Gonzalez vanished without a trace.  Now the 21-year-old's family is desperate for answers.

    It's been a month since Sandra Soto spoke with her daughter Julie Ann Gonzalez -- and every day the pain of not knowing where she is grows stronger.

    "Julie Ann is beautiful, you could just look into her eyes and see that she is a kind person, loved by many," Soto said.
    "I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy, I wouldn't wish this upon anybody.

    Soto is also struggling to explain the disappearance to her young granddaughter.

    "She says I want to see my mom. I want to see my Julie.  And what can we say you know all we can say is she's working but that's not working anymore," said Soto.  "She's only two but she's very smart. She knows."

    Gonzalez was going through a divorce, and on March 26, was supposed to pick up her daughter from her estranged husband's home.  He claims she told him she needed to go away for a few days.  Her family doesn't believe that story.

    Days later, Gonzalez' car was found in a Walgreens parking lot in South Austin.

    Sunday afternoon, family and friends sold barbecue plates to raise money for a reward for information leading to the young woman's return -- or finding the person responsible for her disappearance.

    So far the family has raised 5 thousand dollars -- and hope more donations can help them afford a private investigator as well.

    Gonzalez' estranged husband says he is fully cooperating with authorities investigating Gonzalez' disappearance -- according to the family, Austin Police do not suspect foul play in this case.

    If you have any information about Julie Ann Gonzalez, call the Austin Police Department.
    I wonder if her case and Kellie's have any connections at all.. hope both are found safe, for the sake of their loved ones.
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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    I wonder if the Walgreens has cameras in the parking lot?
    They do have signs in the parking lot claiming there's a 30 minute limit on parking there, presumably to prevent people from sleeping there in their cars? Iwonder if they actually bother to check the parking lot for stragglers?  (Somehow I doubt it.  But I HOPE they have cameras.)

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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    there's a TON of info at that link...


    Where is Julie Ann Gonzalez? Aired April 29, 2010 -

    A strange woman used Julie`s credit card. So what does this mean, and why won`t cops call this foul play?

    The family could not understand why cops would only call it is missing persons case. Well, tonight a major turn-around. Julie`s family says cops are now calling Julie a missing person in danger.

    Julie disappeared in Austin, Texas, March 26. We found out right here live on ISSUES yesterday that a female unknown to the family used her credit card 12 days after she vanished. We had Julie`s entire family on ISSUES last night: her mother, aunt, uncle and estranged husband. And the information vacuum led to a lot of finger-pointing. We saw a heated back and forth, for example, between the family and the woman`s soon-to-be ex- husband, who was the last person to see her.

    Julie left behind her pride and joy, her 2-year-old daughter, Layla. Her family says she would never leave the child voluntarily. But even yesterday, cops weren`t convinced something criminal was going on.

    she is now considered missing, endangered and high priority. They didn`t tell me why or they didn`t tell me, but they just said that they are definitely investigating.

    S. SOTO: There was one credit-card purchase.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: What was that for?

    S. SOTO: It was purchased at Best Buy. They showed me the video, and they asked me to identify the -- the person who used the credit card, and it was not her.

    S. SOTO: My sister has access to Julie`s bank statements, and she was the one who discovered the purchase, you know, that was made.

    VELEZ-MITCHELL: So she called cops and said, "Hey, the credit card has been used. Check this out." They checked it out. And then they show you the videotape.
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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    I just watched two episodes about this on Dr Phil. The soon to be ex husband took a polygraph and FAILED!! But he claims it is only because he SHOULD have done more to stop her that is why he feels responsible for her disappearance. So he has been admitted to a hospital because he claimed he wants to hurt himself. The Austin PD are doing interviews with him and the "current boyfriend" about Julies disappearance.
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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    The APD went to Julie's estranged husband's house yesterday with a search warrant and impounded two vehicles and took some (covered) objects out of the house as well...saw it on the news here.

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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    JVM is covering this story today.

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    Re: Julie Ann Gonzalez, missing since 26 March 2010

    I also live in Austin and saw something more recently  (apparently June 4th) on KVUE.... I found the article and video on their website: (article and video)

    The family of a missing Austin woman is now offering $20,000 for information about her disappearance.

    Julie Ann Gonzalez was last seen more than ten weeks ago.

    Now a neighbor says he watched Julie Ann drive up to her former home on Garden Oaks Drive the day she disappeared on March 26Th.

    The neighbor said she was accompanied by two Hispanic men, who got out of the vehicle and walked to the backyard of the home without knocking on the door.

    “She looked at me and I looked at her and I’m driving and thinking who are those guys? Who are those guys? Because here we look after each other,” said neighbor Jesse Corpus.

    Corpus said he never saw the men before or anytime after.

    Julie Ann Gonzalez lived at the home until she separated from her husband George De La Cruz. They have a two year old daughter together.

    In May, Austin Police officers searched George De La Cruz’s home and carried out bags of evidence.

    However, APD made no arrests that day and continues to say detectives are looking into all possible explanations for Julie Ann’s disappearance.

    George De La Cruz’s mother found a suspicious hole in the backyard shed a few weeks back. Neither she nor her son had seen it before, so she called police.

    Patrick Fagerberg, George De La Cruz’s defense attorney, says the hidden storage could provide clue to Julie Ann’s disappearance.

    “From my experience it seems like it’s a hole that has been used for drugs and or money,” said Fagerberg.

    Fagerberg maintains that De La Cruz had no part in Julie Ann’s disappearance. He said he picked up his sisters, shopped at Wal-Mart, and ate at McDonald’s the day she disappeared in March.

    “It’s a very clear timeline and there was no opportunity for any foul play. I think that's why APD thought there was no foul play, because George gave them that timeline,” said Fagerberg.

    Julie Ann's family started a website with information about her disappearance:
    There's a benefit concert Thursday night to help Gonzalez' family raise money to help find her.
        It's from 6-9 p.m. at Hill's Cafe at 4700 South Congress Avenue.
        Singer-songerwriter Sam Watkins will perform with his band Fate Train, along with Larry Lange and the Lonely Knights, and Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones.
    Tickets are $5 at the door.

    It does seem kind of wierd that the neighbor is just coming forward with this information 10 weeks later 

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    Just saw that Julie Ann's estranged husband, George de la Cruz, has been charged with murder in her disappearance. She's been gone for more than 3 years, and he has had custody of their little girl during this time.

    According to the Austin American-Statesman,
    Assistant District Attorney Gary Cobb said Friday that, after tracking down every lead, officials determined that Gonzalez is no longer alive, but that they do not know where her body is.
    KEYE-TV says that
    George De La Cruz was on the DR. Phil Show in May 2010. On the show he admitted to not taking his medication and not going to his counseling classes. He told Dr.Phil and his mother he could not afford to pay for his Lexapro. George was asked to take a polygraph exam by a top examiner and he agreed. George De La Cruz was asked if he had anything to do with the disappearance of Julie Ann Gonzalez? He was also asked if he knew where she is? George failed on all questions asked.
    Very sad. I hope justice is served.
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    George De La Cruz found guilty of killing Julie Ann Gonzalez

    George De La Cruz has been found guilty of murder in the March 2010 disappearance of his estranged wife, Julie Ann Gonzalez.

    De La Cruz faces between five years to life in prison.

    Gonzalez’s mother, aunt and sister, who were sitting in the front row of the courtroom, shed tears following the announcement of the verdict.

    Judge Cliff Brown then released the jurors for the evening, and asked them to return at 9 a.m. Thursday for the sentencing phase.

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