Alicia has several severe medical conditions. She needs specialized medications and possibly emergency care.


Alicia is is a 26-year-old white female with dark brown hair and green eyes that change to blue. She is 5′4″ tall and weighs approximately 130 – 170lbs. Alicia’s last known whereabouts is the vicinity of River Rouge at and around West Jefferson and Shafer and or Great Lakes Streets on August 28th 2008.

Scars, marks, tattoos

Alicia has many surgical scars. She also has a tattoo on her right shoulder that reads “Property of Charley Davidson.”

Health issues

Alicia has MS, and a shunt. She also has an inoperable, low lumbar spinal tumor in her main spinal nerve. Alicia’s known allergies to medications include Morphine, succinylcholine chloride, Dramamine and Neurontin®.


Alicia owns and was last seen in a burgundy 1992 four-door Grand Am. However, Alicia’s car was located abandoned after her disappearance.

If you see Alicia
Call local police
Take her to a hospital
Call (734)992-4983, (734) 444-4332, (313)633-5416
Medical Records:
Dental records and arm x-rays are on file with the Wayne County, Michigan Medical Examiner’s Office.
Alicia’s information is in the NamUS database.