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Thread: Jennifer Kesse missing since January 24, 2006

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    $18,000 for those records? That's fucking crrazy!

    Ugh. I hope that one day the family gets the answers they so desperately seek.
    Don't like what I have to say? I respect that. Now go fuck yourself.

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    uthorities are conducting a search related to the case of an Orlando woman who disappeared without a trace over 13 years ago.

    The Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Friday followed up on a new tip brought to law enforcement by the Kesse family investigator. Dive teams were deployed to Fischer Lake in West Orange County, near where the East-West Expressway meets Florida's Turnpike (GMap). The Sheriff's Office did not release any additional information regarding Friday's search efforts.

    “We were following up on a tip that came up seven months ago, but the tip was actually from 13 years ago,” said Drew Kesse, Jennifer's father. “That person just happened to come forward 13 years later.”

    He said his investigative team included cadaver dogs.

    “We brought dog teams in and did a search of our own, and it became necessary on our end to call authorities in, and they brought their teams in and did searches and sweep searches and spent two days in the water."

    Kesse said the search was concluded early Friday evening with negative results. He expressed frustration but also gratitude for those who aided in the search.

    "We are incredibly grateful and humbled," he said. "We understand that the public is what finds missing persons.”

    The family continues to raise money for the search, launching a Go Fund Me account to receive donations from the public.

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    Parents of Jennifer Kesse take over investigation in hopes of solving missing daughter's case

    "The Orlando Police Department … they worked it very hard," said Louis Bolden, an investigative reporter for WKMG in Orlando, who has covered the case since Jennifer Kesse went missing.

    After years went by with no breaks in the case, Jennifer's parents sued the Orlando Police Department to get Jennifer's case file – and won. Now, Drew and Joyce Kesse hope they will solve their missing daughter's case.

    Nearly 15 years have passed since Jennifer Kesse vanished -- years of anguish for her family and friends, but they are determined to keep Jennifer's story alive.

    Lauren McCarthy: Jennifer is super funny, super witty person. … Very strong willed and very sure of herself … she knew what track she was gonna take and she knew how to get there. … Jennifer is definitely the most loyal person I've ever been friends with or probably ever known.

    After years of working for the Kesses, private detective Michael Torretta says he has a new theory as to what he thinks could have happened to Jennifer. Based on interviews with people who lived at the complex, he believes that up to 10 construction workers were living in an empty apartment just across from Jennifer's.

    He thinks it was one or more of these workers who abducted her on January 24, 2006.

    Michael Torretta: What I'm thinking is Jennifer comes out. … she locks the door. Of course, she has her back to the apartment behind her. And then is abducted by those individuals across the way.

    Peter Van Sant: Across the hallway.

    Michael Torretta: Yes. She's locking the door and never sees it comin … She probably was attacked immediately upon exiting. … She's dragged into the other apartment. … And that's the end.

    But Torretta struck out when he tried to find those workers who he believes lived in the vacant apartment across from Jennifer. And he says there is nothing in the files indicating that police ever spoke to them.

    Michael Torretta: It's impossible to find those individuals. There's no lease.

    Peter Van Sant: There's no list of names of who was staying in which apartment?

    Michael Torretta: Absolutely not.

    Michael Torretta: That was one of the most shocking parts of this investigation.

    As he continued his investigation, Torretta learned that 10 months after Jennifer disappeared, a person was seen dumping a rolled-up piece of carpet into a lake not far from her condo.

    Peter Van Sant: What's intriguing based on your investigation is the men that were in the apartment across from Jennifer's were putting down carpet that day.

    Michael Torretta: That's why it's very interesting to me.

    Peter Van Sant: Based on your experience is there a possibility what this person threw in that pond was her body?

    Michael Torretta: Possibly.

    Last year local police came out with a dive team, but no carpet was found.
    Long article, but there are interviews with her friend, family, neighbors, boyfriend, police, PI at the link.

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