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Thread: Danielle Toal (23) 1st MDS member to die after an auto accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydeathspace View Post
    Here is another post made by Danielle:

    [quote author=daniellemarie link=topic=1078.msg42505#msg42505 date=1157232196]
    The only time that I played an ouija board was when I was 12 years old at a birthday party. It was mid October. We asked it who would die in what order. It said my best friend Kelly would die in December in her sleep. I would die next in my 20's in a car accident. We quit playing after that!!!! But the weird thing is, Kelly did die in December, in her sleep. We were 12 years old! It was absolutely crazy. She had a virus in her lungs which cause her to have a seizure, she aspirated her vomit and died. Her little sister was in bed next to her (they shared a room) and she didn't wake up. Kelly's mom went to wake her for school the next day and found her dead. It was so sad! Now I'm in my 20's and kinda scared to drive.

    Just thought I would share my 1 and only Ouija Board experience. I'll never touch them again.


    here it is

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    Wow I didn't know that, that's sad.
    Gooble goble gooble goble one of us one of us. t(-_-)t

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