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Thread: Jayme Austin (31) was killed by her brother in law and dumped in a mountainous area

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    Jayme Austin (31) was killed by her brother in law and dumped in a mountainous area

    Coquille (KMTR) - The Coos County District Attorney?€™s Office is calling the disappearance of a Coquille woman ?€œsuspicious.?€?

    Jayme Sue Austin, 31, was last heard from on Monday morning.  Austin called her mother at work, asking to use her mother?€™s shower, since the water was not working at Austin?€™s home.  The mother and daughter live near each other?€”both homes are on the same block of Farview Road.

    Later, Austin called her workplace to say she would be a bit late for work.

    Around noon, Austin?€™s boss called the mother, saying Jayme Austin had not shown up for work.

    When the mother arrived home, she found Austin?€™s car in the driveway, but there were no other signs of her daughter at that house or at Austin?€™s own home.

    The Coos County Sheriff?€™s Office asks anyone with helpful information to contact them.


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    Re: Jayme Sue Austin - Missing since 11-09-2009

    Missing woman's dad: 'I suspect something is up'

    COOS BAY, Ore. -- The search is on for a missing Coquille woman who police say has been missing since Monday afternoon.

    The Coos County search and rescue team, police officers and friends of missing 31-year-old Jayme Austin have searched the Fairview area of Coquille for any clues that might lead to the whereabouts of Austin.

    On Wednesday, family, friends and the sheriff's office searched the nearby forest and logging roads.

    "We searched our property yesterday and didn't find anything," said Jeff Gisholt, Autstin's father. "So at this point here I don't think there's much to go on, we're just going to do what we have to do."

    According to the Coos County Sheriff's department, Austin called her mother, Cindy Gisholt, on Monday morning and asked to use the shower at her home down the road since her shower was off.

    Austin was supposed to be heading to work in Coos Bay, but her employer called Gisholt at noon and said she never showed up.

    Austin's car was found at her mothers home but she was nowhere to be found.

    The district attorney has called the disappearance "suspicious," and the sheriff activated the county's major crimes team to assist.

    Her father suspects foul play.

    "I'd like to know who did it, I'd like to catch them," Jeff Gisholt said. "I suspect something is up. I don't know, it was just to unusual for her."

    Anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Jayme Austin is encouraged to contact the sheriff's office at (541) 396-3121 ext. 3-7-1.

    The story above doesn't mention this but the news locally said she had a phone stalker and was terrified of this person who kept calling her prior to her disappearance. 

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    Re: Jayme Sue Austin - Missing since 11-09-2009

    Found.  And not in the good kinda way.

    COQUILLE, Ore. (AP) - Coos County searchers believe they have found the body of a missing Coquille woman.

    District Attorney R. Paul Frasier said a grave site was found Thursday night, and investigators believe the body of Jayme Austin is buried there, a short distance off Middle Creek Road. The scene will be processed Friday.

    Austin's brother-in-law, Patrick Lee Horath, was arrested Thursday night on a murder charge, Frasier said.

    He said Austin's family was notified of the grave site and arrest. Frasier and Sheriff Andy Jackson have scheduled a 1:30 p.m. Friday news conference in Coquille at the Owen Building.

    Austin was reported missing Monday. Her mother, Cindy Gisholt, contacted police after her daughter's boss at Oregon Satellite in Coos Bay called to say she never arrived for work.

    Austin had called her boss to say she would be late because she had well troubles and planned to shower at her mom's house, two doors away on a rural road.

    Horath lives between Austin's home and Gisholt's home.

    Since Monday, more than two dozen searchers scoured mountainsides, river bottoms and the dense woodlands for any trace of the 31-year-old mother of two. The North Bend Dive team examined a river and a pond, and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flew over the area.

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    Re: Jayme Sue Austin - Missing since 11-09-2009 696833662.3609612114..1

    Facebook memorial group.


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    Re: Jayme Sue Austin - Missing since 11-09-2009

    DA considers death penalty

    By Jessica Musicar, Staff WriterContact editorial department
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 | 18 comment(s)

    World Photo by Benjamin Brayfield
    Patrick Lee Horath, 45, stands next to public defender Carole Hamilton Monday afternoon, as he is arraigned in the murder of Jayme Austin. He appeared before Circuit Court Judge Michael Gillespie.

    COQUILLE — The Coos County District Attorney may seek the death penalty or life imprisonment for Patrick Lee Horath, if the Fairview man is convicted in the murder of his sister-in-law, Jayme Austin.

    “By trial, I will have made up my mind,” said District Attorney R. Paul Frasier.

    For now, it’s “too early in the case to tell,” the DA said. First, he wants to see the results of a planned background investigation analyzing the 45-year-old’s character.

    On Monday afternoon, Judge Michael Gillespie arraigned Horath in Coos County Court on a grand jury indictment, charging him with five counts of murder and one count first-degree sexual abuse, stemming from the Nov. 9 death of 31-year-old Austin.

    Although the courtroom was filled with Austin’s friends and family, including Horath’s wife and Austin’s sister, Alyssa, he made no attempt to steal glances at them as he stood in shackles and a baggy black and white-striped jail uniform.

    The DA said the family has had a double loss in this case, as Austin’s two young daughters lost a mother, and Horath and Alyssa Horath’s children may lose a father.

    “They’ve been hit with a double whammy,” he said.

    Investigators believe Horath strangled Austin in the bathroom of her mother’s home on the ninth and then hid her body under a mound of rocks and dirt up Middle Creek Road. Coos County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Horath at the Oregon State Police Empire Office on Thursday following a more than six-hour long interview. Frasier said Horath led investigators to the gravesite at the bottom of a steep embankment about 50 feet from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management road. It is unclear whether he took investigators to the site or gave directions.

    Horath, Austin’s mother and other relatives live in houses on the family ranch in Fairview. Austin lived there, too.

    The charges against Horath include two counts of aggravated murder and three counts of murder. Frasier explained that the five murder charges represent different legal theories of how murder could have been committed. He said he asked Monday’s grand jury to charge Horath on each.

    The aggravated murder charges allege the defendant intended to kill Austin while sexually abusing or attempting to abuse her. The remaining three murder charges allege he accidentally caused her death while sexually abusing or attempting to abuse her.

    Frasier refused to say which charge he found most likely.

    “I can’t talk about that,” he said.

    He did note that there were indications that someone tried to clean the bathroom where Austin likely died.

    The DA said he chose to pursue the sex abuse charge, because an autopsy on Saturday showed physical signs that Austin had been molested in some way.

    If convicted of aggravated murder, Horath could face the death penalty, life without parole or life with the possibility of parole after serving 30 years. For murder, sentencing would likely be life imprisonment with 25 years mandatory minimum. First-degree sexual abuse is a Measure 11 crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a minimum of six years and three months. If the case goes to trial and Horath is found guilty of two or more, those murder charges would merge and the court would impose only one sentence, the DA added.

    The last time a Coos County district attorney pursued the death penalty, Frasier said, was in the Girly Crum case in 1997. The jury couldn’t agree on executing him, and the court sentenced Crum to life without parole in the quintuple murder case.

    The judge assigned Dan Koenig, a public defense attorney based in Eugene who participated in the arraignment via teleconference, to represent Horath from this point forward. In cases that could involve the death penalty, Frasier said courts draw from a pool of death penalty qualified defense attorneys.

    I wonder if he was the phone stalker.
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    Patrick Horath was sentenced to serve life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years

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