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Thread: 11 yrs old Dakota Hughes murdered-suspect arrested

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    11 yrs old Dakota Hughes murdered-suspect arrested

    I decided to put this here because the Aunt has a Myspace.  She knew this guy for one month and picked him up after picking up her niece so he could watch movies with them.  They drank beer, she went to bed, passed out and left her niece alone with this guy.

    While authorities transferred Jason Lee Belew from the Grayson County Jail to the jail in Durant Wednesday, the medical examiner released details about the death of the little girl Belew stands accused of killing.

    Belew appeared before a judge in Bryan County late Wednesday and was denied bond.

    Renee Steward with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office said preliminary autopsy reports show that Dakota Hughes, 11, of Cartwright died from asphyxiation by strangulation. The medical examiner is ruling the manner of death a homicide.

    The rest of the autopsy results, Steward said, should be available "any time now."

    Belew is scheduled to appear in a preliminary hearing in Bryan County on Jan. 14, 2010.

    Authorities contend that Belew killed Dakota Hughes in the early morning hours Sunday after a night of drinking with the child's aunt.

    An affidavit of probable cause filed in the case said the aunt and the child had picked Belew up in Sherman and that he was in the house when the aunt went to sleep.

    "The aunt found Dakota nude and dead on a bedroom floor. There were injuries to Dakota's face, head, neck and genitalia," said Emily Redman, district attorney for the 19th District in Oklahoma.

    Grayson County court records show that Belew pleaded guilty in March 2003 to a charge of assault causing bodily injury and received one year probation, and deferred adjudication. The same records show Belew paid all his mandated court costs and fines in relation to that conviction.

    The Hughes family is planning Dakota Hughes' funeral Saturday. The family requests donations for funeral expenses be sent to Cunningham Funeral Home, P.O. Box 387, Colbert OK 74733.

    According to an affidavit of probable cause 11-year-old, Dakota Hughes went with her aunt, Debbie Hughes, to pick up 34-year-old Jason Lee Belew (pictured, right) on Saturday afternoon and took him back to Debbie's home in Cartwright, Oklahoma. There, Debbie and Belew reportedly consumed beer and malt liquor until around 10:30 that night.

    According to reports, Debbie felt dizzy and went to bed, leaving Dakota alone with Belew. When Debbie woke up around four Sunday morning she says that Belew was gone and she found Dakota dead, her naked body lying on a bedroom floor.

    Belew was arrested Sunday afternoon in Sherman on an outstanding warrant. Police say he had Debbie Hughes' cell phone on his person and had what appeared to be blood stains on his clothing.

    Bryan County District Attorney Emily Redman says there is sufficient evidence to charge Belew with first degree murder.

    "The only possible punishments for murder in the first degree are life in prison, life in prison without parole, and death," said Redman.

    Colbert Public Schools have made counselors available to help students deal with the loss of their classmate, but the crime has stunned the communities of Cartwright and Colbert, and has left parents having to explain how something so shocking could have happened in their rural community.

    "I usually sit him down and talk to him and say there are horrible things in this world and bad things do happen, and we just try to keep our kids safe," said Michelle Bartley.

    Redman says due to the heinous nature of this crime and the age of the victim, her office will focus on bringing the person responsible for the death of Dakota Hughes to justice.

    "When an innocent child is the victim in a case, that case will take priority in my office,” said Redman.

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    Re: 11 yrs old Dakota Hughes murdered-suspect arrested

    Even his posture in the mugshot screams douchebag. I also hope the aunt get's some time for this as well.  :x
    Bwahahahaha !!!

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    Re: 11 yrs old Dakota Hughes murdered-suspect arrested

    The aunt should definitely be held accountable as well. How could she be so irresponsible?  :x

    RIP Dakota

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