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Thread: Paralyzed Law Student Allowed to Take Calif. Bar Exam

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    Paralyzed Law Student Allowed to Take Calif. Bar Exam

    Holy paralyzed cleavage!,0,6917355.story

    [size=15pt]Paralyzed Law Student Allowed to Take Calif. Bar Exam[/size]

    DAVIS -- The California Supreme Court Monday ordered the State Bar to allow a quadriplegic law school graduate to take the bar examination Tuesday, even though her application was not processed on time.

    Sara Granda, 29, said a "ridiculous snafu" is preventing her from taking the exam now because her fee was paid by check instead of credit card online.

    She petitioned the state's highest court and asked it to intervene. The State Bar of California also wrote to the court and asked for guidance.

    The court, meeting in closed session, ordered the bar to permit Granda to take the test and gave her until September to ensure her application was in order.

    A federal court judge on Friday had denied the UC Davis law school graduate's request for a restraining order prohibiting the State Bar from preventing her from taking the test.

    Stewart Katz, a Sacramento attorney representing Granda, said he planned to ask the state Supreme Court on Monday to order the Bar to test Granda.

    Failure there would force Granda to wait until February to take the exam, Katz said.

    Granda's plight attracted attention from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who issued a statement Saturday urging the State Bar to allow Granda to take the test Tuesday, saying it was "outrageous that someone who has overcome so much in life is penalized by a bureaucratic error....

    "Government should work for the people, not against them," Schwarzenegger added.

    Granda, who is paralyzed from the neck down because of a car crash, said her failure to qualify to take the exam occurred because the state paid her $600 registration fee by check instead of her paying online with a credit card.

    The state is paying because Granda is disabled. Her only source of income is an $870 a month state disability payment. She doesn't have a credit card.

    Robert Hawley, the State Bar's deputy executive director, said there are always a handful of people who miss the deadline to file for the exam because of "very compelling reasons."

    "It's a high-tech progress, and people need to maneuver it successfully," Hawley said. "We can't be in the business of helping any one person out with it. That takes us down a path that ends up in a place we don't want to be.

    "How do you choose which ones to help and which you don't?"

    And her MySpace just for good measure.

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    Re: Paralyzed Law Student Allowed to Take Calif. Bar Exam

    She can probably walk but her tits are holding her down.

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    OK to make the bumpage worthwhile...
    Sara Granda, the UC Davis law school graduate who is paralyzed and drew national attention last year when State Bar officials nearly prevented her from taking the exam, has been named by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to a legal position in the state Department of Health Care Services.

    Granda, 30, passed the July exam after the state Supreme Court ordered the State Bar to allow her to take the test.

    State Bar officials initially said Granda had missed their June 15 registration deadline since she did not submit credit card information online. Granda did not have a credit card, however. Because she was a low-income disabled resident, the state Department of Rehabilitation covered her $600 registration fee and had submitted payment by check.

    Civil rights lawyers took up her cause, and she sued the state. Schwarzenegger wrote to the California Supreme Court, urging it to intervene.

    Granda, a Democrat and Davis resident, will serve as a special assistant to the chief counsel for the Department of Health Care Services. She interned at the department in 2007 and 2008. She will earn $56,134.

    "Sara will be a great addition to my administration and I am excited to have her on board," Schwarzenegger said in a statement. "Her background in law and previous experience working at the department make her the perfect choice for this position."

    Granda was paralyzed in a July 1997 car accident just before she was to begin studying at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

    She received undergraduate and master's degrees in social work before graduating last year from the UC Davis School of Law.
    Saw this on the Sacramento Bee?s website yesterday. Sara is a graduate of King Hall who drew praise from Governor Schwarzenegger and made headlines in 2009.

    Lawyer pleased to hear stolen special-equipped van found in Bay Area
    By Cynthia Hubert

    Sara Granda is the first to admit that her beige 2001 Ford Econoline van is not a "hot" car in the traditional sense of the word.

    But it became one this weekend when thieves stole it from the driveway from her apartment in Davis.

    Granda, a lawyer who is paralyzed from the neck down, was left wondering why anyone would want the van, which has been gutted to accommodate her wheelchair and medical equipment, plugs along at about 10 mph and "has a hard time accelerating," she said.

    "Maybe they wanted to transport something?" she asked.

    She may never know. But after a few days of fretting about how she would get to her job with the state - not to mention important errands, including having her eyebrows waxed - she learned that the van had been found by police in the Bay Area.

    Granda, 31, paralyzed in a car accident when she was a teenager, serves as special assistant to the chief counsel for the state Department of Health Care Services.

    She said she expects to get her vehicle back next week after it has been inspected and repaired. Among other things, the thieves apparently jammed a screwdriver into its ignition to get it started.

    "It's not worth much to anyone else, but its value to me is very high," she said. "I'll never be happier to see that old van again."


    Glad to see that you?ll be getting your van back soon, Sara!
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