Lin family Killing a murder spree of incredible rage

ALL five victims of the brutal North Epping family murder suffered facial injuries so severe they cannot be visually identified - a likely indicator they knew their killer.

The incredible rage involved in the killings extended to the entire Lin family - including the young brothers, Henry, 12, and Terry, 9.

Police now fear for the safety of the only surviving family member, 15-year-old daughter Brenda Lin, whose overseas school trip probably saved her life.

She is now staying in a secret location with relatives.

And while police are not ruling out that the murderer was a stranger, multiple injuries to the head and particularly the face are internationally recognised as being an indicator of an emotional relationship between the killer and the victim.

Yesterday, as a forensic pathologist began a post mortem on mother 43-year-old Yun Li Lin, The Daily Telegraph learned dental records and DNA will need to be used to formally identify all five victims.

Sources said the crime was unusual in many aspects, including that the killer or killers who struck the family after midnight on Friday in their Boundary St home had maintained a consistent level of rage with all victims as they bludgeoned the sleeping family with an as-yet unidentified weapon.

Homicide squad commander Detective Superintendent Geoff Beresford, described the killings as "intensely personal" but would not comment on whether police believed the victims knew their attacker.

Police continued to rely heavily on forensic examination of the murder scene yesterday as they revealed they had no suspects in the murders of Epping newsagent Min Lin, his wife, her sister Yun Bin Yin, 39, and the couple's two sons between midnight on Friday and 7am on Saturday.

Post mortems will take until at least Friday to complete, Supt Beresford said.

Yesterday police spoke briefly to Brenda about her family. They hope to take more details from her today.

Supt Beresford said Brenda, who arrived home on Sunday after hearing of the murders, was a "very strong young lady" who was under the care of extended relatives in an undisclosed location.

"She's in good care at the moment . . . she's a very strong young lady and she has assisted us obviously with our inquiries at the moment," Supt Beresford said."We do have obviously concerns for her safety only in so far as this is such an unusual and such a vicious attack and we certainly have taken steps to ensure her safety."

Brenda's friends yesterday described the year 10 student at Cheltenham Girls High School as clever and studious.

Classmate Amishi Dhorajiwala, 15, said Brenda excelled at school.

A successful student, she tutored maths two nights a week for a family friend.

"She's a bright kid and very happy," Ms Dhorajiwala said.

"She's good at her studies - she does well at maths and science.

"It's so sad. You don't think this would happen to somebody you know."


This reminds of when sef gonzalas went and murdered his whole family however in this case I dont think the surviving daughter had anything to do with it.