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Thread: Faith Blevins (29) was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend

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    Faith Blevins (29) was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend oyfriend

    [size=10pt]Trial ordered for suspect in woman's death[/size]

    MARTINEZ -- The ex-boyfriend of an Antioch woman shot to death as she lay in bed will go to trial on murder charges, a Contra Costa County judge has ruled.

    Jamie Batiste is accused of shooting Faith Blevins, 29, at close range after he broke into her West Eighth Street home Oct. 16.

    On Friday, Superior Court Judge Susanne Fenstermacher ordered Batiste, 25, to stand trial after prosecutor Jason Peck finished presenting evidence at a two-day preliminary hearing.

    Blevins' roommate, Patricia Lucia, testified Thursday that Blevins took her children out of the home the day before she died because of a threat by Batiste that he was going to "shoot up the house."  Lucia said she was awakened by the gunfire in the early morning but thought the sound had come from outside. When she got up to get her own daughter ready for school, she discovered the back door wide open and Blevins in her bed, dead from four gunshot wounds to the head.

    Another witness, Jose Frederico Hernandez, who was granted immunity for his testimony, said he gave Batiste a ride that morning in exchange for marijuana. Batiste told Hernandez to wait in his car near the Blevins home. Hernandez said he heard four shots before Batiste came running to the car with a gun in his hand.

    Blevins and Batiste dated for a year before she severed ties a month before the shooting.

    "Faith told me he had been doing drugs, but he wouldn't admit it," her mother, Suzanne Blevins, said outside court. "If he would have admitted it, she would have helped him because that's the kind of person she was."

    Blevins, the mother of three children ages 4, 9 and 12, was raised in Concord and had been working as a photographer at a children's portrait studio when she died. Her death has torn apart her family, according to her parents, who have traveled from their home in Clear Lake to attend all of Batiste's court appearances.

    "It's hard to sit there and listen and not grab him by the throat," said Faith's father, Charles Blevins, outside the courtroom. "I'll be happy once they say he gets life (in prison)."

    DAmn.. She had 3 little Kids.. I hate when i hear about stories like this, Those kids lives will forever be changed. :-(
    "It's not that I'm afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens."

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    Re: Faith Blevins (29) was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend

    That sucks getting killed over a break up. Lame.

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