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Thread: Daniel Whelchel (20) tried to kill his grandma

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    Daniel Whelchel (20) tried to kill his grandma

    Officials: Man tried to kill his grandmother
    Randy Mitchell Staff Writer

    Ada — An Ada man was arrested Monday after he allegedly beat his grandmother severely, according to Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian.

    Christian said Daniel Lewis Whelchel, 20, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after he reportedly beat his grandmother and left her for dead.

    Daniel Whelchel reportedly asked his grandmother, Mona Elaine Whelchel, 59, to take him to the store Sunday around 11 p.m. Christian said Daniel Whelchel insisted his grandmother take him to some property their family previously owned.

    “Upon arriving, he told her that he was tired of waiting for her to die and that he was going to take matters into his own hands,” Christian said. “He asked her if she wanted her neck broken or did she just want him to beat her to death.”

    Christian said Mona Whelchel declined both offers and that’s when Daniel Whelchel allegedly attacked her.

    “At that point, he attempted to break her neck, I believe twice, and then finally just started beating on her and kicking her in the head,” Christian said.

    Daniel Whelchel reportedly left his grandmother lying by a pond and fled the scene in her car. Mona Whelchel reportedly crawled between 100 and 150 yards to a family member’s house.

    Christian said she crawled for several hours before reaching the house. She was taken to Carl Albert Hospital with various injuries.

    Her injuries are not life-threatening, according to Christian, who said she could be released from the hospital as early as today.

    Christian said Daniel Whelchel lived with his grandmother and her home is where deputies arrested him later that morning.

    Deputies are still investigating and are expecting to submit a report to the district attorney’s office sometime today. As of press time, Whelchel is being held without bond until he appears before a judge.
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    Re: Daniel Whelchel (20) tried to kill his grandma

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