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Thread: US woman gives birth to octuplets all are doing very well'

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    Re: US woman gives birth to octuplets all are doing very well'

    I wonder if someone will come up with her house payment for her or if she's going to be homeless.
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    Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman shares photo of ‘miracle’ kids on their 11th birthday

    Nadya Suleman — known to many as “Octomom” — is celebrating her “miracle” octuplets on Instagram, sharing a photo of the clan on their 11th birthday.

    “Happy birthday to my beautiful angels,” she began the lengthy dedication. “You are some of the kindest, most compassionate, caring human beings I’ve ever known. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be your mother.”

    Possibly referring to the death of retired NBA star Kobe Bryant, Suleman continued, “Recent tragic events of loved ones lost are a powerful reminder of how fragile, precarious, yet precious life is, as tomorrow is never promised. We need to hug our loved ones a little longer and a little harder while they are here.

    “You are my miracles, my angels, and I will love you with all my heart, forever. Happy 11th birthday Noah, Maliyah, Nariyah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Josiah, and Makai.”

    Suleman — who also goes by Natalie — made headlines after giving birth to octuplets while already a mother of six. Capitalizing on the flood of attention, she became a porn star and then a stripper to make ends meet and ended up developing an addiction to the prescription drug Xanax.

    She has since kicked the habit and quit her short-lived career as an adult film star.

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