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Thread: The body of Britney Galindez (17) was found floating in Lake Ballinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhonny View Post
    you understood so i guess you aint that stupid

    i speak 3 languages by the way.. english is my 3rd
    I'm a dyed in the wool American so I only speak one language, unless Latin counts. I've been "working" on Spanish for years with little progress.
    You are talking to a woman who has laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom and chuckled at catastrophe.
    ...Collector of Chairs. Reader of Books. Hater of Nutmeg...

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    Idk who these other people are nor do i care... but Britney was my homegirl. Over 10 years later i still think about her everyday.
    So for u to say move on life goes on sounds like some real disrespectful shit to me even a year later.
    I wish i knew who u ware cause honestly if i see u or any of the people that ware in that car aint no telling what I?m gonna do. Don?t disrespect my homegirl?s passing online if u knew her or else I?m gonna get serious about finding u. All of y?all ware bums and u still are, i spat on pelon?s face and he walked away before that happened i know y?all not built like that.

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    Translate please? Seriously, your post made my head hurt.

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