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Thread: Cops, in the process of evicting John Buddeke (52), spot child porn on his computer screen.

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    Cops, in the process of evicting John Buddeke (52), spot child porn on his computer screen.

    Chicago - Being evicted from his home was only the beginning of the trouble facing John Buddeke, a North Side Rogers Park resident, after sheriff?s deputies doing the eviction found child pornography on his computer.

    Buddeke, 53, of the 1600 block of West Jarvis Avenue has been charged with aggravated possession of child pornography, a felony, according to a release from the Cook County Sheriff?s office.

    Bond was set at $50,000 Saturday, and he was released Sunday after posting $5,000 bail.

    Sheriff?s deputies arrived at the house Thursday to evict Buddeke for unpaid property taxes, the release said. He let the deputies in, but immediately tried to go upstairs out of their view. The deputies ordered him to stay on the lower level while they went upstairs and found the child pornography displayed on his computer screen, the release said.

    In interviews, Buddeke allegedly told investigators he?s been downloading child porn for nearly 20 years, the release said. Investigators found floppy discs and hard drives that contained images of children, including some under the age of 12, engaged in sexual acts.

    Buddeke?s next court date has not been set.

    Kind of looks like a Turtle, or something.

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    Boogie, you are finding all these creepsters today.

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    The eyes... Ugh.

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    Just the fact that he was being evicted, yet still had his computer hooked up and running, tells me that he probably wasn't expecting to be kicked out that day. At first, I was thinking "Man, this is some bad luck. You get evicted THEN arrested for child porn."

    But where was he going to go, he was being EVICTED?! At least he (inadvertently) was able to make arrangements for long term housing from that point forward. Prison.
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