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Thread: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

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    Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

    I couldn't find myspaces for anyone.

    ROANOKE -- Jennifer Bailey had been dating her boyfriend for less than a year, but knew she wanted to marry him.

    But her mother, Susan Bailey, didn’t approve, a relative said Monday.

    "I know that Jennifer was having trouble with Susan," said Cynthia Bruns, Jennifer Bailey’s aunt. "They weren’t getting along because of the boyfriend.

    "She had aspirations of different things, and then this guy came along and then it was all about him."

    But Bruns said relatives could never have imagined the turn the trouble would take.

    Jennifer, 17, her 16-year-old boyfriend and her 14-year-old brother have been accused of fatally stabbing Susan Bailey and then stealing the woman’s car and driving north.

    "We love them a lot, and we just don’t understand," Bruns said.

    "We’re praying that it wasn’t them, but it doesn’t look good, obviously," she said.

    Roanoke police discovered Susan Bailey’s body early Sunday in an upstairs hallway of her home in the 200 block of Oxford Drive after being alerted that the three teenagers had been pulled over in her car in Yankton, S.D.

    Bailey, 43, had been stabbed in the neck, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office.

    Police obtained capital murder warrants for her two children and her daughter’s boyfriend.

    All three teens have waived extradition, Roanoke police said Tuesday. They were in custody in Yankton.

    Roanoke detectives were headed to South Dakota today and they were expected to return with the teens late Wednesday, Roanoke police said Tuesday.

    Boy felt sick, father says

    Bailey’s son and the daughter’s boyfriend are not being named because they are juveniles.

    The boyfriend’s father said Monday that he doesn’t believe his son harmed Susan Bailey.

    "I don’t think my son is that stupid or that crazy," the father said.

    He said he talked to his son for five minutes on the phone Sunday night and broke the news to the teen that he is suspected of capital murder.

    "He was deathly quiet and said he started feeling sick," the father said. "I got a strange feeling he was not involved in it. I think he got caught in a web of things."

    The father said Jennifer Bailey and her mother had a lot of problems, "boyfriends, curfews, just about anything you can name." But, he said, he did not believe his son was part of those problems.

    Susan Bailey’s ex-husband, Richard Bailey, did not want to talk about her death or the accusations against his children, said Jodie Medlock, one of his sisters.

    "We are a very close family, a loving family. With that in mind, we think it best to keep it as private as possible," Medlock said.

    Police visit four times

    Sunday was the fourth time in less than a week that police had been to Susan Bailey’s home.

    According to a search warrant affidavit, officers first went to the home looking for Jennifer Bailey’s boyfriend after his father reported him as a runaway on Sept. 23. He told Denton County sheriff’s authorities that he believed his son had stolen his .22-caliber pistol and two loaded magazines.

    Susan Bailey gave officers permission to search her house for the boyfriend. Though they did not locate the teen, officers did find some of his belongings next to some packed belongings of Jennifer Bailey, the affidavit states.

    "The mother seemed surprised that her daughter was still seeing [the boyfriend] and was very upset and was yelling at her daughter," the affidavit states.

    Jennifer Bailey denied knowing her boyfriend’s whereabouts.

    On Friday, Roanoke police returned to the house at the request of Susan Bailey’s mother, who was concerned because she had not been able to reach her daughter. No one answered the door, and officers saw no car in the driveway. They left but returned Saturday. Again, no response.

    On Sunday, they returned for a more extensive check after being notified that Bailey’s car, with her daughter and son and the daughter’s boyfriend inside, had been pulled over in South Dakota.

    Yankton police told Roanoke officers that the teens "appeared to be very nervous and their stories were not making any sense," the affidavit states.

    "Being that young with no apparent guardian, we would naturally make contact with the local police department, and it went from there," said Assistant Chief Jerry Hisek of the Yankton Police Department.

    The teens were arrested for curfew violations and transferred to a juvenile detention center in Sioux Falls, Hisek said. Seventeen-year-olds are considered juveniles under South Dakota law, he said.

    In Texas, 17-year-olds are considered adults.

    Body found upstairs

    After confirming that Susan Bailey had missed work and that her mother had not heard from her, an officer entered Bailey’s home on Sunday through an unlocked window.

    Watermelon and a knife were on the kitchen counter. The downstairs appeared to be in the same condition as during the officers’ visit on Sept. 23.

    But upstairs, police found Bailey lying facedown in the hallway near Jennifer Bailey’s bedroom, a pool of blood around her upper torso and a possible stab wound to her back.

    Blood was splattered on the floor, wall and door of Jennifer Bailey’s bedroom. Officers noted that Susan Bailey appeared to have been hit in the back of her head, and they saw a wooden baseball bat lying on Jennifer Bailey’s bed, the affidavit states.

    Another investigation

    Roanoke police are trying to determine whether there is any connection with a 15-year-old Fort Worth girl arrested Sept. 23 on suspicion of attempting to rob her mother at knifepoint, said Sgt. Chris Almonrode, a Roanoke police spokesman.

    According to Fort Worth police, the mother was asleep at about 7 a.m. "The mother woke up and saw her daughter standing over her with a knife," said Lt. Paul Henderson, a police spokesman.

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death =408899826

    Could Blake be the brothers name?

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

    I think it might be David. This video wasn't working correctly for me, but I did catch the name David. If you can get it to work for you, I think it names the boyfriend too, it shows a picture of him.

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death hometown is migrated with roanoke...i can't believe this...i couldn't imagine killing my mom  for a guy.....this really just pisses me off!!!! :x
    RIP Susan

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

    Teen pleads guilty in fatal stabbing of girlfriend's mom in Roanoke

    DENTON — A Haslet teenager has pleaded guilty to the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend's mother and was sentenced to 60 years in prison, according to a media report.
    Paul Allen Henson Jr., 17, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of murder in the death of Susan Bailey, according to an e-mail Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck provided to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Henson could have faced a charge of capital murder and a life sentence if convicted.
    Bailey, 43, was found on Sept. 28 in the upstairs hallway of her Roanoke home. She died from multiple stab wounds to her neck.
    Her two children were also accused in the crime. Jennifer Bailey, 18, was charged with capital murder and remained in Denton County Jail, the Star-Telegram reported. Susan Bailey's 14-year-old son faces juvenile charges. His custody status was not available Tuesday.
    Authorties stopped the three teens in Susan Bailey's car in South Dakota a few days after the murder.
    Ranoke police have said that Susan Bailey was upset that her daughter was seeing Henson.
    Henson, who was 16 at the time of the crime, had been in juvenile custody. But on Tuesday, he also agreed not to challenge certification as an adult, Beck told the Star-Telegram.

    (Jennifer Bailey, 18, was charged with capital murder and remains in Denton County Jail, as well as her 14-year-old son, who faces juvenile charges.)

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

    60 years, holy shit! How much did the other two get, I want to know. 

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    Re: Teenage brother and sister beat and stab mom to death

    So he'll get out when he's 76! That's a tough break for a kid. But he deserves it.

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