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  1. Happy Birthday Puzzld.
  2. 107? Thought you were younger, like 75. Happy Birthday puzzld.

  3. No. No idea what her problem might be.
  4. I'm curious, did I offend you with the reply of Baco (Bacon Bits)? Appearently peavey thought so and proceded to smite me. If I did offend, I'm sorry.
  5. Ymmm bacon.
  6. I couldn't pass this up and not share and I know you watch what you eat.

    Sorry damn link won't work here, just click on it and it'll bring up the page. Enjoy!
  7. That would have been too healthy, need fat and salt...
  8. Awesome. Wish I was there. It's been too long. And the snow is butt deep to a giraffe here.
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