A Freehold Township man who prosecutors say killed his ex-girlfriend and dumped her body in a wooded area apologized to an ex-girlfriend and asked her why she got a restraining order in one of two suicide notes he left in November.

In the other, he told his parents: "I can't do life in prison. Most of the stuff you will hear is true."

The suicide notes, released Monday following Open Public Records Act requests, were left by John Ozbilgen on Nov. 22 when he was found dead by hanging at his parents' Freehold Township home. The notes were cited by Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni as final confirmation of investigators' conclusions that Ozbilgen, 29, had killed his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Parze, 25.

Parze's body was found Jan. 26 in a wooded area along Route 9 in Old Bridge, just shy of three months after she disappeared, on Oct. 30. Ozbilgen had told one of her sisters that he had been with her that night.

At the Jan. 27 news conference confirming Parze's body had been found, Gramiccioni said evidence found during searches of Ozbilgen's Freehold Township home had pointed to him as the killer early on. But it was the note Ozbilgen left for his parents when he killed himself, two days after he was released from jail following an arrest on a child pornography charge, that sealed their conclusion.

"That guilt belongs to John Ozbilgen and John Ozbilgen alone," Gramiccioni said.

The note to his parents, scribbled on the back of a shopping list, reads in part: "Sorry about all this crazyness, I've been miserable for so long now, I had enough. ... I can't do life in prison. Most of the stuff you will hear is true, exept (sic) the child porn, I would never do that."

Ozbilgen closes the note by saying: "I dug myself in a deep hole, this is the only choice. I love you guys," then signed it with a smiley face.

Gramiccioni said authorities executed five search warrants at Ozbilgen's home and more than 50 search warrants in total during the investigation into Parze's disappearance and death.

The day after her remains were found, Ozbilgen's parents released a statement through their attorney, Richard Incremona, rejecting the prosecutors' conclusion.

"We are very sorry for her family and we hope they can find peace through this nightmare," the Ozbilgens said. "We don't truly know what happened to Stephanie, but what we do know is John never said that he hurt Stephanie to us or in the note he left us."

"We believe he is innocent, but all the pressure from the false child pornography charges and the constant searches and relentlessness caused him to take his own life," the statement said.

Ozbilgen's second suicide note was addressed to an unidentified ex-girlfriend. In it he apologizes for messing up their relationship, and then bashes Parze:

"I love you so much little lady," he wrote. "I don't know what I was thinking when I (messed) our relationship up. ... I recently tried to reach out to you, you got a restraining order? Why? At that moment I felt like my entire world ended."

"Look @ the mess I created, LoL. Don't beleve (sic) everything in the news," he wrote. Then he made an apparent reference to Parze: "The girl in the news with me was such a piece of s---, she hurt me over and over, when I was already at my lowest, she was a horrible person."

He closes by saying: "Sorry for everything, I wish I could go back in time @ correct my mistakes, but I can't," and signs it with a frown.

"He was a typical manipulator," Ed Parze said of Ozbilgen in a Patch interview two weeks before Stephanie's body was found. "He kept worming his way back in."

Ozbilgen had dated Parze for just a few months, according to her family and her Facebook postings. Stephanie Parze had filed a domestic violence complaint against Ozbilgen in September, a month after posting the two were in a relationship.

In addition to the complaint she filed there were two other women who had filed complaints against Ozbilgen, Gramiccioni said. He was awaiting trial on one of those in addition to the charge filed by Parze at the time of his death.

The Parze family has said it plans to create the Stephanie Parze Foundation to help raise awareness of domestic violence and help women trying to escape it, as well as help families of those searcing for missing loved ones. The Parzes and their army of "Steph's Angels" searched more than 60 sites in New Jersey and on Staten Island over the 87 days that she was missing.

Parze went missing from her Freehold Township home Oct. 30 after a night out with family. The next day, Ozbilgen told her sister he had been at the house but had last seen Stephanie getting ready for work.

Ozbilgen was arrested Nov. 9 on the child pornography charge. In a Nov. 20 hearing, prosecutors told a Monmouth County judge he had multiple images of violent child pornography on his phone, NJ.com reported. The images were found when authorities seized his phone and other electronic devices during one of the searches as they investigated Parze's disappearance.

Prosecutors also told Superior Court Judge Paul Escandon that Ozbilgen sent 10 angry text messages to Parze the night before she disappeared, NJ.com reported. Parze never answered the texts, which concluded with one calling her an expletive.

Her body was found Jan. 26 in a wooded area along Route 9 in Old Bridge by two teenagers who were walking to work, authorities said. One of the teens told the Asbury Park Press that she was clothed and face-down when they found her. The boys saw her remains from the side of the road, acting Middlesex County Prosecutor Christopher Kuberiet said. Her identity was confirmed during an autopsy by the Middlesex County medical examiner, but a ruling on the cause and manner of death are still pending.

"Our lives are never going to be the same," said Ed Parze, who attended the news conference with his wife, Sharlene. "We have to thank all of Steph's Angels," he said. "We could not have gotten through this without you."