One of her last FB posts -

Today I went to starbucks and tried using the bathroom but it was locked, so i knocked on it and no body answered. I waited a couple minutes and knocked again, then i grabbed a manager and asked her to open it because i didn't think anyone was inside. She said someone's been in there for over 20 minutes and i said well maybe you should open it to see if they were okay . I knew what was happening and I think she did too . She opened the door and a guy was passed out on the bathroom floor . She looks at me and tells me "don't go in there." Shut the door and then went and called 911. I was like hey aren't you going to see if he's fucking alive or needs CPR? Luckily I was with my therapist and she was like "I'm going in there." She went in there and tried waking the guy up and it took a minute but he opened his eyes and was very startled . He fell out in the bathroom from heroin with the needle still in his hand. He told my therapist he's a drug addict and he desperately needs help, but he doesn't have insurance . I felt for him because i've been denied treatment for not having insurance multiple times . I remembered being that sick and desperate for help wanting to change my life . The ambulance came finally and went to help him . I feel like I was meant to see that . I feel like god put that in my path for a reason . To remind me how hard it was and how desperately I wanted help and couldn't get it . Today i'm grateful, grateful I don't have to live that way anymore and grateful the guy was found alive. This reminds me why i have the views i do on politics about the opioid epidemic . It reminds me what needs to change about this society . Everyone needs love and everyone needs connection . Everyone deserves a chance to turn their life around and it shouldn't matter if they have money or not . Help people get treatment, help people find a different way to live . You see a drug addict , I see me . I want change for this country and i wish they would see what the real problem is here . Doesn't matter how many drug dealers you kill the drugs aren't going to stop coming . People are still struggling with addiction and until they get help they won't stop . Some takes a couple times before they realize they need sobriety to live . I was a chronic relapser, now look at me . #helpaddictsrecover #theresanotherway #thediseaseisreal #helpourpeople #everyonedeserveshelp