"A lot of violence has been going on here throughout my entire life," said neighbor Cristin Alfaro.

Alfaro grew up living in these neighborhoods, and he says the word homicide doesn't surprise many neighbors there anymore.

"I was actually scared because my family lives here, there's a day care here as well, a lot of kids walk around here. It's pretty dangerous for a community like ours to get multiple homicides a year," said Alfaro.

Alfaro says he heard four loud gunshots late Friday night, and he says he already assumed the worst. Toppenish police say around 10:30 p.m. Friday, four men were arguing outside of an apartment on N. Beech St.

Officers say the argument escalated, and one of the men took out his pistol and shot 50-year-old Daniel Campos several times.

Police say this shooting was gang related.

"It's sad to see a lot of gang violence here. There should be cameras literally on top of those polls but there's none. It's so dark here," said Alfaro.

Police says Campos died at the scene.

Authorities arrested 20-year-old Trejuan Nason, 18-year-old Daniel Franco-Zacarias and a 17-year-old. All three are facing charges of second degree murder.

Police say the three men jumped into a car and fled the area. The car was located soon after, and witnesses identified the the suspects inside as the ones involved in the argument with Campos.

"A man got shot to death in a blink of an eye. Yeah they may have caught a few, but where are the rest of the guys?," said Alfaro.

Family members of Daniel Campos Tell Action News that he was never involved in a gang.