A WAVE of tribute, praise and mourning swept over Tasmania yesterday in response to the tragic death of Launceston Deputy Mayor Jeremy Dacre Ball.

The 46-year-old father of two was killed instantly in a horrific head-on collision with a truck on the Bass Highway on Monday.

Reflecting the kind of consensus politics practiced by Alderman Ball a kaleidoscope of public and private figures paid tribute to a man known for his passion, energy, optimism and advocacy.

The Tasmanian Parliament began the day with a minute's silence in a mark of respect usually reserved for members of parliament.

Tasmanian Greens leader Kim Booth, who Alderman Ball worked as campaign manager for in the 2002 state election, was particularly shaken by the loss.

Mr Booth described the death as ''a tragedy of unimaginable proportions''.

''Jeremy was just a fantastic person, he was a friend and a confidante and I worked with him for many years,'' Mr Booth said.

''The tragic death leaves a gaping hole in the hearts of so many Tasmanians who valued him both as a person and as an advocate for all the best things in Tasmania.''

''Tasmania is a lesser place now without Jeremy''.