A heartbroken father has written a poignant tribute to his daughter who tragically ended her own life at just 25.

Bill Gillett, from Grafton, NSW, shared his grief on Australia Day, along with a family portrait of his late daughter Ebony and her two young daughters.

She took her own life on Thursday - leaving behind three 'beautiful' children, aged 18 months, five and nine, without their mother.

'What can I say? The last 48 hours... I don't think I can put into words,' Mr Gillett said on Saturday..

'Suicide does not discriminate and there is just so much of it happening.

'For the ones left behind there are so many unanswered questions. There are now three beautiful young girls without their mother.

'And for a parent it would have to be their worst nightmare. This might sound harsh, but I want this to be a big reality hit... and that is the job of having to identify your child then having to bury that child before yourself.

'It is something I would not wish on anyone.'

Mr Gillett doesn't want Ebony's death to become 'another statistic' and instead hoped to raise as much awareness around suicide and mental health as he could.

'So the one thing I do ask of everyone that has read this is this: Let's not be afraid to talk about suicide, depression or anxiety and really start to check on those who might be struggling or going through some heavy s***,' he continued.

'I don't have the answer as to how we can stop this from happening but if we can help just one person from taking that final step then it might be a small step in the right direction.