New details have emerged on the Salt Lake City homicide from Saturday night.

A probable cause statement revealed that a suspect involved with the homicide was 20-year-old Colton James Beed.

At approximately 8:09 p.m., Beed met with other individuals while planning on burglarizing a residence at near the 400 North block of Starcrest Drive for controlled substances. According to the probable cause statement, Beed used his personal vehicle to drive him and the others to the burglary, and other parties drove to the same area in a blue truck.

During the burglary, Beed wore a ski mask to conceal his identity while the others were placed in charge of carrying firearms and be lookouts. Beed then entered the residence with his group after the other group forced entry through a side door of the residence. The probable cause statement wrote that he then rummaged through the house looking for drugs while the victim was inside the home, hiding in the bathroom.

The victim attempted to call 911, but couldn't get through; so, they called a nearby friend for help, wrote the probable cause statement.

While the victim was on the phone with their friend, Beed and the others then left the home, and drove a short distance away until they decided to go back, and stole the victim's vehicle that was parked in the driveway. Beed and the others then entered the residence again, continued to rummage through the home to find the drugs to take with the victim's car and paraphernalia.

The victim's friend responded to the scene, where they confronted Beed and the others when they stepped out of his vehicle in front of them outside the home. The probable statement wrote that a physical altercation broke out between Beed, the victim's friend and the others, until the friend was struck in the head with a rifle and then shot.

Beed and the others fled the scene in his car and the other vehicle to drop off his group members. The friend was transported to a hospital and died a short time later.

After dropping off his group members at their respected homes, Beed threw his burglary mask out of his vehicle in an unknown location. When he arrived at his residence, he cleaned out his latex gloves that were worn during the burglary, and threw them in the garbage to hide or destroy evidence from law enforcement.

Beed was interviewed by police and admitted to all the above details after read his Miranda rights.