A Queensland mum has died after falling down stairs just days after Christmas.

Helen Arkadieff, 37, from Brisbane, was on holidays in the UK with her family on December 29 when she lost her footing walking up a staircase "landing heavily", according to her family.

"She had extensive head injuries and was unresponsive," her family wrote on a website dedicated to her.

"She was rushed to the hospital, spending days in a coma state while the medical staff cared for her. After days of prayer, vigil and medical assessment, unfortunately, there was nothing more the medical staff could do to heal the Helen we all love."

Born in the UK, she passed away on January 2 leaving behind her husband Murray and two sons Sammy, 5, and Jimmy, 3.

The family has started a website to raise money and share memories of the mother of two.

The Arkadieffs had just moved into a new home and Sammy is due to start school this year.

"The yard is still a construction site, the windows have no blinds, there is minimal furniture, no pictures on the walls etc," a statement on the website reads.

"We'd love to help not only finish the house for this grieving family but help set up Murray and the boys for the next while so they can function without having to even think about all the things they will need."