Police in Pennsylvania responded last week to a Catholic church not long after a man there allegedly confessed to a priest that he'd killed his wife, according to multiple news reports.

The murder suspect's alleged confession was reportedly the third time he voluntarily admitted to what he'd done, authorities believe. It appears the slaying, suspected confessions and the man's arrest occurred within the same day

According to the Altoona Mirror, 44-year-old John Grazioli, allegedly fled his Millcreek Township home on Thursday moments after he fatally shot wife Amanda Grazioli, 31, once in the back of the head.

Millcreek police believe that John then called his ex-wife soon after leaving a note at the foot of the bed where authorities would later find Amanda's body, reports local TV station WJET/WXFP.

John's note, according to the Erie Times-News, allegedly read, "I am profoundly sorry."

The Mirror reports that John was in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife and that his wife was set to testify in that case before she was killed.