The parents of a missing teenager presumed dead after being swept away by rip currents are pleading for people to be on the lookout for their son.

17-year-old Jevon Lemke was caught in a rip current Sunday off Fort Morgan around 2 p.m. His body still hasn't been found.

On vacation from Wisconsin, it's been a living nightmare for his parents as they have no choice but to watch and wait. Search and recovery efforts on the water were halted on Monday due to the conditions being too rough. Since then the Fort Morgan Volunteer Fire Department along with several other agencies have been doing sweeps of the beaches around the clock.

"We plan to stay until there's no hope in finding Jevon. I hope that happens… I don't want to be greedy, I don't want to take away from people, but I just want to find my son. That's all," said an emotional Chris Lemke, Jevon's dad.

For Chris and his wife Carrie - it still doesn't seem real. They say Jevon was actually trying to rescue them because they were in distress when he went under.

"Selfless… He was selfless. He didn't think about himself first - it was others. Always," said Carrie and Chris.

The oldest of their four children, Jevon was a junior and already applying for college. He loved video games and had aspirations of going into computer engineering. Holding down two part-time jobs, Jevon was also an athlete.

"He played basketball… he played football, he played golf. He wasn't a star - but he was a backup running back, played corner. He was a good kid. Started on the basketball team. He just got his ACTs back - he got a 27 on his ACTs. He was a good kid. And I just want to take him back with me. I don't want to leave him with you guys… I want him to come home - that's it," said Chris.

As they desperately wait for search and recovery efforts to resume on the water, they remain hopeful they'll find Jevon. The family thanked everyone who has been searching for Jevon since Sunday and is asking everyone to continue to keep an eye out.

"Just keep watching for him… If you're a fisherman or anything just keep watching for him. I know he's probably not alive. But I want to take him back to Wisconsin. That's all that I ask. If you have a plane - please if you're going over just check for me. That's all we ask," said Chris.

Officials hope the conditions on the water calm in the next couple of days so that search and recovery effort can resume with boats, dive crews, and hopefully the assistance of ALEA's helicopter.