A Waverly, Minnesota man who had been missing since Feb. 7 and was found dead four days later in rural Litchfield has ties to the area.

Shawn Jacob Medley, 40, who was reported missing from his home in Wright County, once lived in Hutchinson.

Medley, a one-time Hutchinson resident, lived in Waverly at his mother's home, and with roommate Scotty Tufvander, to whom he was formerly engaged. Medley was last seen when everyone went to bed Feb. 7.

"We have no idea why he was in Litchfield," Tufvander said.

Investigators in Meeker County are trying to fill in four days, starting when Medley disappeared, and ending when his body was found.

"We do have information we can't release that is pertinent to the investigation," Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze said. "But there is information we don't have ourselves."

Medley's body was found shortly before 2:15 p.m. Sunday, when the Meeker County Sheriff's Office received a report of an unresponsive male at a rural Ellsworth Township location.

"The body was found by someone just passing by the location, no connection to the case itself," Cruze said.

The exact location has been withheld due to the ongoing investigation. But Ellsworth Township residents say they saw a lot of activity involving law enforcement and an ambulance on 198th Street a few hundred yards west of County Road 9 on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities believe Medley died somewhere other than where he was found.