A family have paid tribute to a "one-in-a-million dad" who died suddenly while enjoying a day out on his quad bike with his children.

Niki Hunter, 35, suffered a massive heart attack that was linked to the terminal cancer he was diagnosed with three years ago.

Paying tribute to her "brilliant" husband, Niki's wife Leanne, 34, said his death had come as a huge shock.

She said: "Although Niki had terminal cancer and we knew he was going to die, we believed he had a couple of years left.

"None of us expected this and we are all devastated."

Leanne explained that Niki had adrenal cancer and had "numerous" tumours throughout his body.

The first tumour in his kidney was removed but despite treatment the cancer spread and he developed more tumours, including in his skull, spine, hip and collar bone.

She said: "We understand that what happened was that while he was going flat out on the quad his head was getting bumped about quite badly.

"He had two tumours in his skull and when he was being bumped about that resulted in a rush of adrenaline which caused the heart attack which killed him."

Leanne said that Niki's friend rushed him to Ninewells but he passed out when they were just seconds away.

She said that his friend screamed for help but the paramedics who rushed to his aid could do nothing to save him and Niki died on the hospital trolley.

She added: "By the time I got to the hospital, Niki was gone."

Leanne said that when Niki's cancer was diagnosed, doctors told him his chances of getting that type of the disease were "one in a million."

"When Niki phoned me to break the bad news he told me he was just that — one in a million. And he definitely was just that. He was crazy, flamboyant, unforgettable, impulsive, full of live and very kind.