Mark Anthony O'Hara, Jr., 25, passed away Sat. Jan. 13, 2018. Graveside services will be held at 3 PM on Thurs. Jan. 18 at the Beresford City Cemetery. A procession will leave from Wass Funeral Home and continue to the cemetery for services. Visitation will be held from 4-8 PM Wed. Jan. 17 at Wass Funeral Home in Beresford, SD.

In this difficult time, it is truly hard to grasp how someone so young with such a bright future is no longer with us, so it is important that our family share with you what made Mark Jr. so special.

Mark was a compassionate, loving man to Katie, his soul mate. Mark proposed to Katie June 2017 of which she proudly accepted. Their love for each other had so much in common and belief in the future, young Zadin was brought into this world. Zadin was well loved and cared for. You could not miss that passion Mark Jr. had for Katie and Zadin.

Mark's time with all of us was short; however, for those around him, we were so blessed and touched by this extraordinary individual to be there without hesitation for his family. Mark was a hardworking man that provided a measure of accountability when things didn't go right and was not afraid to ask for advice to make decisions when things got tough.

His love for family members and relatives was one that brought joy to all of us. His smile was infectious. The quality of life he provided to all far exceed the quantity of time he was with us. It is irreplaceable and he will be missed for many years to come.

We leave you with some thoughts Katie shared with us as we all support each other through this difficult time. "Mark was a huge part of Zadin and me. He comforted us with all his love. He was truly the best man I could have asked for. His image will never leave me and when little Zadin grows up I will share with him the happy memories of the best daddy he was."

Mark Jr. is survived by Katie Smith and son Zadin; his dad, Mark O'Hara, Sr.; sister, Alyssa; brothers, Nathaniel and Clayton; grandparents Merlyn and Linda O'Hara; and uncles Patrick and Michael O'Hara.