The Farmington Police Department said Thursday (Jan. 5) the State Crime Lab was unable to get any DNA from what was left of a body in the car that crashed into a gas line in December causing an explosion and fire that burned for nine hours.

The crash happened Dec. 16 and police have been working continuously since then to identify the person who died in the vehicle, but it may now be impossible, Sgt. Mike Wilbanks said.

Wilbanks said a family came to the police department the Monday after the gas line crash saying David A. Carver, 32, who lived in Farmington has not been heard from since the explosion. The family told police Carver had bought a Buick LeSabre prior to the crash, Wilbanks said. While police have not been able to identify the car involved in the explosion because all the VIN numbers had burned off, they are able to say the car was a unibody vehicle, according to Wilbanks. A Buick LeSabre is a unibody vehicle.

An obituary for David Allen Carver appeared on Dec. 29. 2016 listing the date of death as Dec. 16. The obituary did not list a funeral date, but it did list a memorial service.

Wilbanks said while they do have all that information from the family, they will likely never be able to positively identify the body, which was so badly burned, it is impossible to tell whether its a man or a woman.