Ryan James Wagner
November 15, 1984 - January 25, 2018

"All aboard!" The conductor called.

The passenger boarded the train, and got settled in his seat for one last ride in the most gorgeous, sleek express train— shiny and bright, clean and white, fully loaded with technology and gadgets and gizmos. It was an exceptionally fast self-driving electric Tesla train, if there ever was such a thing. That's the only way Ryan would have it.

His suitcase was filled with love, memories and wisdom gained from a life well lived but far too short, and probably humor, sarcasm and practical jokes too. Ryan was known for that. No physical possessions to be found. No, not even his beloved iPhone or computer both of which were essential elements in his career and passion in computer engineering and all things technology.

The bells rang and the whistle was blown, and soon, the train was out of sight.

Left behind first and foremost are the lights of his life, his pride and joy- his baby boy Miles and his baby girls, the canine variety - Lila and Mali. Daddy was his favorite role in life to all three and he loved them more than anything.

Beloved husband to Ashley. She was the love of his life, high school sweethearts joined together in marriage on July 12, 2003. Ashley envisioned a lifetime together before that train departed and is completely and overwhelmingly heartbroken.

His adoring parents Loren and Diana raised him to be an incredible human that was kind, generous, hard-working and intelligent. Without question, he was one of the good ones; a special person to so many.

Aside from his roles as father, husband and son, he was a brother, uncle, friend and so much more and fulfilled each role with laughter, love, humor and a lightheartedness that made him so easy to like.

Having endured over 70 rounds of chemotherapy to courageously, and selflessly battle metastatic colon cancer, it is a relief to all that love him that as his spirit departed on that train, he left behind cancer and pain and is now at peace.

"When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by HOW you live, WHY you live and the manner in which you live." -Stuart Scott

A heartfelt thank-you to Abby and Liz, Miles's liver and kidney organ donors. Their gifts gave Ryan peace of mind when facing his mortality, knowing his little boy has the organs he needs to survive and thrive.