A man was charged with slitting the throats of his old schoolfriend and her partner before shooting their baby in the back of the head.

Drew Atchison, 24, faces a death sentence for allegedly slaughtering Samara Kitts, 23, her childhood sweetheart Harley Million, 24, and the couple's 17 month-old daughter Willa Million in Mill Spring, Mo, last week.

He is said to have confessed to murdering Samara and Harley Thursday, before placing their corpses in the back of Million's Chevy Silverado truck. Atchison left Willa at his home in a locked room with dogs, before driving her parents to a nearby wood where he hid the knife he killed them with and buried their bodies in shallow graves, it is claimed.

He is then said to have returned to his home, held Willa in his arms facing away from him and tried to shoot the tot twice before the third round killed her.