The divine, talented and delightful Emma Couture, daughter of tbt*'s Peter Couture and Wilma Norton of Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, suffered cardiac arrest during theater practice on Nov. 9 and never recovered. Her parents and older sister, Hannah, raced to be with her at New York Presbyterian Hospital. They may never know what happened.
Pete and Wilma have consented to donate Emma's organs so that others have a new chance at life.
Now, reeling from this tragedy, 19-year-old Emma's family faces hospital expenses on top of travel, funeral and so many other financial burdens. Many people have asked me how to help, and I think this is how we do it.
When Pete and Wilma return to St. Petersburg, Fla., they will decide how best to use the funds we raise.
If we are very successful, we hope there is enough to consider starting a scholarship in Emma's name at alma mater St. Pete High or where her parents think it helps the most.
Emma was known for her star turn on Jeopardy! Kids Week in 2011, which she won. In her sophomore year at Marymount Manhattan, Em was a double major in directing/producing and stage management. She loved New York and was living her dream. At tbt*, proud dad Pete would regale us with daily updates on her life there. In a Facebook post, Wilma said they take comfort that Emma's last conscious moments were on stage.