Cam's Eulogy

a. When Cam was in elementary school his grades were always great, but he did it with very little effort. Every year we would tell him next year is going to be harder; you're going to need to put in more effort. Well Cam graduated Cum Laude from URI this past Spring. Rarely did it appear that much effort was required.
a. (Pause) Well (Pause) not so much, but Cam was one of the smartest people I've ever known.
a. (Me) "Cam, ya know those socks don't match?"
(Cam) "Yeah (pause) so?"
(Me) "Looks like you got about a 3 inch hole in the right heel."
(Cam) "Yeah (pause) so?"
b. Cam taught us how to shop for high fashion. For example, when looking for the ultimate party shirt, you shop at Cracker Barrel while waiting to be seated. I'm wearing the ultimate party shirt.
c. Cam also knew, that if you're lucky enough to find a pair of shoes that you REALLY REALLY like, it doesn't matter if half the heel is missing, the front of the sole flaps when you walk, and they smell like rotten eggs, you continue to wear those shoes daily.
a. Cameron loved music, and he developed into a fine musician himself, starting with a stint on the violin when he was young, and transitioning to keyboard, which he taught himself how to play. He and his friends formed a band, and he wrote a bunch of original songs for their first CD.
b. Although he didn't get a chance to do a lot of it, Cam was an awesome writer, and it seemed to come to him so easily. To apply for College, he had to write an essay, and we told him this is important, you really need to spend a LOT of time on this. A half hour later, Cam wants me to take a look at his essay. I read it expecting the worst, but when I finished, all I could say was "WOW, that's perfect" (pause) "and you spelled 'the' wrong."
c. Cam was an expert skier. He picked it up quick, and by the time he was a teen, he could follow me down the most difficult double black diamond trails we could find, grabbing big air wherever he could find it.
d. Cam also dabbled in cooking now and then. His Sunday morning pancakes with his special bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar and Bad Byron's Butt Rub were one of our favorites.
e. Most of you may not know, but Cam could produce arm pit farts with the best of them. One year our family had a talent contest; Cam wowed us with his advanced arm pit skills!
a. Cam had a bit of a quirky sense of humor. One of our favorite examples is from when he was very young. We were trying out a new video camera, and I told Cameron, "I'm taking a video, show me you're a star." Cam decided he'd show me his moon instead.
a. It is a disease. It is real! It can be invisible. Cameron fought it with everything he had. If I hate anything in this world, it is depression. I dream of a world free of depression.
a. Cameron loved his music.
b. Cameron loved his family and friends.
c. We know you are here because you loved Cameron.
d. Our wish is that Cameron could have loved himself as much as we and everyone here loved him.