The remains of a missing private investigator were found on the Cantonment family property of a woman that was former crime scene technician with the Escambia County Sheriffs' Office. And $34,000 of the victim's money was allegedly spent before her death.
Ashley McArthur, 40, has been arrested for the death of 33-year old Taylor Wright, a private investigator and former police officer. A body believed to be that of Wright was found off Britt Road, just west of County Road 97 near Muscogee Road. Wright was reported missing to police on September 7.
On September 14, Wright's girlfriend reported that she was missing. The girlfriend gave a sworn statement to Pensacola Police that Wright had not been seen or heard from since September 8. Prior to her disappearance, Wright had told her girlfriend that she had placed a large amount of money in a safe deposit box that belonged to McArthur, her friend. Wright said she had tried to get her money back from McArthur several times with no success. Wright was trying to get the money back from McArthur for court proceedings related to Wright's pending divorce.
On September 8, Wright and McArthur met so Wright could get her money. Wright and the girlfriend communicated back and forth via text until about 11:20 a.m. When the girlfriend did not hear back from Wright after numerous texts, she called McArthur. McArthur answered and said Wright could not come to the phone because she was riding a horse.
The girlfriend continued to try to communicate with Wright with no success until 7:58 p.m. when she received a text from Wright's phone stating that she needed time to think and get her life on track.
On September 18, McArthur met with a Pensacola Police detective. She told the detective that she had picked Wright up on the morning of September 8 and they drove to various locations during the day before going to McArthur's family property in East Milton to ride horses. She said they were there for about an hour before heading back to McArthur's residence in the Pensacola city limits about 4:45 p.m. McArthur claimed that she went inside her house, and when came back out shortly, Wright was gone.
During the investigation, McArthur's bank records and cell phone records were obtained. Bank records show that on August 16, McArthur deposited a cashier's check in Wright's name for the amount of $34,000 into McArthur's personal checking account. They money has since been spent.
McArthur's phone records never showed her in the area of the family property in East Milton, instead her phone showed her in the area of Beulah on September 8 from 11:52 a.m. until 1:44 p.m. and again from 2:40 p.m. until 3:33 p.m. Police discovered that McArthur's family has property at 2201 Britt Road, in the same area as her phone indicated.
A search warrant was executed at 2201 Britt Road on October 19. Human remains were found in a clandestine grave covered in concrete, just to the west of the McArthur family property. A specific necklace belonging to Wright was found with the human remains.
During the execution of the search warrant on Britt Road, contact was made with McArthur's cousin. The cousin stated under oath that McArthur contacted him on September 8 to see if the was going to be home on that day. The cousin said her told her that he would be gone to a funeral and was not on the property.
The investigation by the Pensacola Police Department and the Escambia County Sheriff's Office is continuing.