Navajo County Sheriff's Office officials are continuing their investigation into the death of a 31-year-old Lakeside woman who was found dead late last month in a forested area near a condominium complex.

Kyra Lambson, of Lakeside, was originally reported missing in late June and found deceased June 27 in a wooded area next to the Creekside Condos. Since the discovery, police have adamantly refused to release any more information to the public.

While White Mountains residents have taken to social media to discuss the case and share their concerns. Navajo County sheriff's deputies and other police officials have dismissed those as "rumors" and say they are waiting for autopsy reports to return.

Currently, the Navajo County Attorney's Office, Show Low Police Department, Navajo County Major Crimes Task Force, and the Arizona Department of Correction are involved in the investigation.

The stay-at-home mother of five children was married to Christopher Michael Wells, a U.S. Army veteran, since May 22, according to Facebook posts. Wells was arrested shortly after Lambson's body was discovered for "weed and traffic violations," but he was released July 1, according to an update from Wells on social media.

The White Mountain Independent understands the community's concern for the Lambson family and will provide an update immediately after new, factual information is obtained.